YG Acoustics, Tenor Audio & Kubala Sosna

"Tons of body, weight, speed, great, big and open. How big can a flamenco guitar be?" read my notes from the sonically impressive YG Acoustics room. Speakers were the YG Kipod 2 ($49,000/pair). Associated electronics: Tenor 350M monoblocks (Cdn$100,000/pair), Tenor Line 1/Power 1 preamplifier (Cdn$75,000), Bryston BDP-1, dCS Scarlatti DAC, with cable by Kubala-Sosna.

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We'd like to clarify that the amps were Tenor Audio's 350M Monoblock Amplifiers, not 35M.

The Bryston unit used in this room was the Bryston BDP-1 (supplied by GTT Audio).

Cables used were Kubala-Sosna Elation.

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The text has been updated - thanks.

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Especially with model names/numbers.

I will say that I tended to be more consistently correct when handed a sheet containing all of the pertinent system and pricing information typed out which many exhibitors, thankfully, had handy. When I had to rely on my hastily scribbled notes, as was the case here, eh, not always so accurate.

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No worries, all has been corrected.

Thanks for checking us out at the show!

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I was amazed how well these relatively diminutive speakers filled up the large room. The bass was full and solid. I was looking around for the subwoofer. That said, the sound was kind of bloated & artificial; I felt the Flamenco Guitar was the size of an upright bass!

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What a useless review.