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Sound quality n...
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Yamaha techs give me 3 different answers about playing apple hi res lossless with R-N2000A

I spoke with 3 tech people at YAMAHA AND GOT 3 different answers!
I also have a iPhone xs max
1 said it was impossible to play any Apple Music. 1 said I had to buy a Apple TV 4K to play Apple high res Lossless/HRL. Another said I have to buy a Apple TV and a actual tv.
This seems very odd to me.
There must be a way.
Couldn't I buy a separate DAC and plug it into the ANALOG/RCA inputs?
with all those inputs there must be a way.
I am interested in sound quality over quantity, this is why I do not want surround sound.
I can get the Yamaha R-N2000A for $3k so 1k savings initially felt like a bargain.
Is there a far better and less expensive way to take full advantage of apple HRL music?
The YPAO room correction sounds interesting, but is it not good?
I will be listening with Sennheiser HD 589/599/600 headphones, I really like wired headphones. At least initially tower speakers the Defenitive Technology BP-8 speakers, that were kindly given to me along with their Powerfield 1500 sub. Not sure I want to listen to the sub.
I listen to non auto tuned and non gridded music, like country western, bluegrass, rock till the mostly mid late 90's, pipe organ, melodic jazz, new age, progressive, R&B,
a cappella, bag pipes, practically no rap.
Room is 15 X 13 and 8 foot ceilings.

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I don't recommend asking Yamaha employees about Apple Music.

The AAPL-specific answers you seek are available here:

You should also be aware that while the R-N2000A supports the proprietary AirPlay2 protocol -- which could be used to stream Apple Music -- AirPlay2 doesn't support anything above 48 kHz.

(Also of note, the R-N2000A supports ALAC only up to 96kHz/24-bit.)

I recommend you sort through your use cases before trying to decide what hardware to purchase. If you're hell-bent on locking yourself in to AAPL's proprietary "ecosystem", that would limit your choices, and the R-N2000A wouldn't sound like a sensible option (especially at only 90 WPC at 8 ohms).

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