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Yamaha Nat Sound MC amp HA-1

New to forum....hello

From a family member I got my hands on the Yamaha HC-1 phono amp .
I presently use a Schit mani with my Thorens with an Adcom cartridge (high output MC) going to my Adcom power amp via my pre amp.
To complete the picture I use a set of Polk Sda's (the big ones)

I traded out the Schit for the Yamaha and cannot get much sound on any setting. I think the person that had this may have used a Creek phono amp in line with the Yamaha but im not sure how that makes any sense. Any experience with these or is it simply bad?? Thanks

I have been very happy with the Schit to this point.

Will post later re some thoughts about a new pre amp around 500 and Im fine with used.

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I may be wrong but I think

I may be wrong but I think the HA-1 is a Step-Up Transformer (SUT). So you would feed that directly into the MM input on your preamp (not AUX or others). Then you should get the level you need.

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