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XTZ Room Analyzer v.2.0 update

Just d/l the new "PRO" v2.0 of the XTZ Room Analyzer software ( At first glance, I see they've added some nice new features, including more "save measurement" options, and a new waterfall plot. The updated instruction manual also mentions that the mic is directional for higher frequencies, and indeed, yields more reproducible results when pointed towards the speakers (vs. upright). Hopefully Kal will report on the updated software in a future column. Anybody else here using it for tuning their setup?

Kal Rubinson
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Re: XTZ Room Analyzer v.2.0 update

Will do.

BTW, they acknowledged the mic's HF directionality a while back but, since I use the system almost exclusively for LF, it is not a factor. I suspect that most others use it for that way, too


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