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Balanced XLR to 3.5mm jack? Possible?

Hi all,

I recently purchased two KRK rokit 5 g4 monitors…

I want to connect these monitors to my laptop using XLR to 3.5mm audio jack…

I found this cable,

but it nowhere mentions that is balanced..

how do I tell if it is?
Is it possible to be?

thanks in advance

Kal Rubinson
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I cannot tell either but I do

I cannot tell either but I do not think it is right for your application. Here's why:
1. You need 2 balanced sources, one for each of your L and R speakers.
2. Your 3.5mm jack (and this 3.4mm plug) can only carry 3 wires which can either be (a) a balanced mono signal or (b) a pair of unbalanced (single-ended) stereo channels.
3. So, your speakers will either be getting (a) the same mono balanced input and not stereo or (b) separate stereo signals but not balanced.
Both will work but, I think, not ideal. The problem, imho, is that your source is not balanced to begin with.

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