Xact Audio Showcases Rockport Speakers

I first heard Rockport's Avior speaker ($29,500/pair) in the VTL room at the 2012 CES where both Stephen Mejias and I were impressed by their sound. They sounded as good in the Xact Audio room at RMAF, driven by Absolare Passion Signature, zero-feedback, class-A, single-ended power amps ($48,500/pair). But contributing to the sound was the intriguing room treatment that you can see on the wall, cardboard diffusors that Xact calls the MIO and sells for $99/12 square feet.

Source in this room was the BEAT MagDrive turntable ($34,000), fitted with a Schröder LT tonearm ($9900) and a Lyra Atlas cartridge ($9500), amplified by an Allnic H3000 phono stage ($11,900) and an Absolare Passion Signature line stage ($32,500).

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If they work, they would be an amazing value!

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How can I learn more about these cardboard diffusers? I can't seem to find anything online (unless I'm not looking correctly).

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Yes indeed I was intriuged by them too




Good Listening



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looks like the manufacturer's website sell them for $54/12 sq.ft.