Wyred4Sound's New Aura Preamplifier, Gallium Power Amplifier, RS-1 Loudspeaker

Folks were already packing up in the Wyred4Sound room when I happened upon an active display of their just-completed prototypes, none of which is listed on their website. If you total up the total cost of the Aura preamp ($2999, Aura GaN amplifier ($2999), MS i3 music server ($2999) with its outboard HCPS power supply ($999). Isolink USB reclocker ($399), 10th Anniversary DAC ($4499), and Reference Standard 1 speaker ($14,999/pair), plus cables and all the rest, you end up with a $31,213 system.

It wasn't the best scenario for listening, especially when someone from another audio publication sauntered in and began to immediately interject his own questions between mine. But what stood out the most for me was Wyred4Sound’s consistent low prices for equipment with the potential to sound really good.

Anton's picture

I end up only around 16,500 dollars.

I am sure I must have overlooked something.

Jason Victor Serinus's picture

I had a price check/model check with Tony at Wyred4Sound before submitting this blog for posting. I quoted his figures, and was too tired to do the math. I'll ask. Even the speakers were /each, and he told me they weren't, that wouldn't account for the huge discrepancy. Perhaps we're talking about mirror universes....

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My guess is that the speakers are $14,999, not $1,499.00...but who's to say : ) They certainly don't look like they could cost $750 each.