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Jim Tavegia
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WP and the Moscode

WP hit it out of the park with the review of the Moscode. I especially like his summation of "why" we are listening to our gear or more to what we should be listening "for" in our gear. Is analytical or more accurate equate to possibly less "fun" which is why we listen in the first IS about the software, at least to me.

This is the "What came first, the chicken or the egg". Somebody attended a live performance and said, "You should have been there. You really missed a great performance." Then the cylinder was expanded upon so that a great performance could be preserved in some fashion for "others" to hear and enjoy. We are now at the point of recording engineering where a shinny disc or 180 gram virgin vinyl release can almost preserve it "all".

It is time for us to make sure we are leaving the flesh and blood and fun of the recording in playback and not just make it a DBT lab project. It was time for someone to put the "fun" phrase back in the review as a key point of ownership. I think the "Phile" writers do that. WP did that here.

Is the sad part of this hobby when we buy something and then develop buyers remorse about that purchase? Buying a $5k amp should be a joyous event, not one to be worried about. All of them at this price point are way better than "good" as WP stated, and just display a different level of greatness. Hopefully at this pricepoint all your musical events end with, "WOW"!

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Re: WP and the Moscode

I thoroughly enjoyed the review.

An interesting aspect is the fact that the amp is available ONLY through Mail order, direct from the manufacturer.....

Hence the US $ 5 K price tag excludes the local retail margin - typically another US $ 5K. The same amp would therefore have to be priced at US $ 10K is sold through Hi Fi Salons...

Hence should the Moscode be compared to other $ 5K amps or to US $10K amps in the market ?

Comments and rational invited ...

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