Would you purchase audio products from someone working out of their home?

Retail has changed a lot over the years, and many high-end audio lines are now represented by dealers working out of their homes. Does this work for you?

Would you purchase audio products from someone working out of their home?
43% (70 votes)
It depends
33% (54 votes)
Not sure
3% (5 votes)
Not likely
15% (24 votes)
Absolutely not
7% (11 votes)
Total votes: 164

Philippe in Paris's picture

No problemo!

Mike Agee's picture

It's fine, if the impression could be dispelled that the venue is not an even more exclusive environment than many high-end dealers. The idea of extended listening before a purchase is already pretty much a utopian dream, the pressure to get off the pot might be even greater.

David's picture

As long as they are knowledgeable...and willing to provide the time and service...

Robin Banks's picture

Not likely. But, if I really trusted the guy and I knew his wife and knew what school his kids went to and I knew his mother's maiden name and I had a picture ID of him and had his tag number and I didn't have to worry about him cheating me, maybe I would think about it.

Roland's picture

It depends on whether the manufacturer of said equipment would stand behind the equipment in the event the dealer got a real job!

Willie's picture

It could mean lower prices charged to the consumer due to lower overhead. Or perhaps not enough space to accomodate all of the equipment. Aside from all that, if you want to purchase the equipment and the person/company is an authorized dealer, who cares? It doesn't change the knowledge of the person nor the quality of the equipment.

robert elliott's picture

Rob Mckie ran FSA from his home for a number of years sadly, he passed away at an all too early age. The Montreal audio community lost one of it's most knowledgeable audiophiles. His customer service and laid back personality made it a pleasure to visit his listening room. He dealt with customers on a one to one basis and regardless of their finacial situation would always make sure that his clients were satisfied. He was a wonderful person and his passing has left a void in the lives of anyone who knew him.

Aaron Salus's picture

As the marketing director of Cerimax Acoustic Research Laboratories I have to say yes, absolutely! Our "Spike Spotters" were originally developed and sold by a lone inventor working from his home. We have since grown into a much larger organization, but the technologies and processes we employ are virtually the same as they were when the first Spike Spotters models were being produced in our founder's home workshop. There's no question in my mind that high-end audio can be sold from a home-based business. Great things often grow from humble beginnings.

Bill Edmonds's picture

When I shop for audio equipment, one of the primary requirements is the ability to adequately COMPARE products. This requires a fairly large inventory from the dealer. Also, the longevity and sustainability of a dealer has to be taken into account, where warranty and parts issues must be considered.

Ben's picture

Many things I'm looking for are not available in the larger stores. with more vendors operating, options become wider. as long as they're certified vendors, why not?

Mike's picture

if they are manfacturer authorized and can provide services not available without the low overhead, why not? I would buy stereo equipment anywhere as long as they provided a good audition and service.

Lucius's picture

If they have good feedback, why not?