Would you prefer a vinyl-download bundle to the CD release of an album?

Would you prefer a vinyl-download bundle to the CD release of an album?
I'd prefer a vinyl-download bundle
55% (240 votes)
I'd prefer the CD
21% (94 votes)
Neither one
24% (106 votes)
Total votes: 440

A reader of <A HREF="http://blog.stereophile.com/stephenmejias/love_comes_close_again/#COMMEN... blog</A> states: "Vinyl-download bundles are a complete win-win for me, and I would choose the bundle over a CD every time." How about you? Would you prefer a vinyl-download bundle to the CD release of an album?

Alan Goodwin, Goodwin&#039;sHighEnd's picture

I would prefer the download if it was a WAV or FLAC file at the original master resolution—especially if it were at 88.2 or 96 or 176.4 or 192kHz/24- bit. The important thing to me is that the download be in the original PCM master digital format and not down or up-rezzed. So if, for instance, it was at 44.1kHz/24-bit, then please provide it that way. Most recordings of course are made above 44.1 or 48kHz these days. If it was an analog master tape, then please provide a digital copy at least at 88.2 or 96 and hopefully at either 176.4 or 192kHz/24- bit! If it is a copy of a CD at 44.1/16-bit, then that would be acceptable. At any resolution lower than a CD, I would not be interested in a download, so in that case I would prefer the CD to be released.

arcan's picture

I bought Voivod's Infini on vinyl recently and received the bundled download. Perfect.

David D's picture

I would want a hi-rez multichannel recording on SACD, Blu-Ray, etc.

Francisco S., Brazil's picture

In fact, I'd prefer a vinyl-CD bundle.

Rob's picture

It's about time all those undithered 24-bit digital masters lying around were "printed" to FLAC and hosted for download purchase. Add in a small premium pricing percentage and the music industry has nothing to lose.

Ed Morris's picture

I like vinyl straight up. No digital player/media/source has the ability to do what a good analog rig can do.

Bill Holz's picture

SACD, preferably multichannel. If I have to settle for second best, then vinyl with CD, followed by vinyl with a download bundle. SACD is by far the best and most flexible format.

rey's picture

Sound without extras is most important for me.

Walter Purdy's picture

I'd prefer to download five or six 32-bit/96kHz, or better, individual tracks and mix it myself. Don't you have great music ruined by a vocal or a too-loud drum track or tubby bass that you'd like to change? C'mon people, we have the technology to do this. You can now buy a music server, five or six quality speakers and a good amp for $10k or less. Too much money? Have you bought a car lately?

Vade Forrester's picture

Depends on price; I'll bet the bundle would cost much more than a CD. I'd want to choose on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes a CD is good enough.

Chris's picture

Would prefer DVD-A or SACD (given the discs in my collection, I would give the sound quality advantage to DVD-A).

perry lenhart's picture

Vinyl and a CD—screw downloading. I don't want to have to create a CD on a PC.

Tom Caulfield's picture

Of the commercially-available formats, I only want SACD because of multichannel and superior sonics. Eventually, hi-rez multichannel downloads will take an increasing market share. Looking forward to that.

allan's picture

Already got one of The Shins great albums this way. Seemed just right to me...

Mark G.'s picture

Neither, exactly. I like the vinyl-CD bundle, like Bob Dylan did with Together Through the Years. If I buy a vinyl-CD bundle (because I want the vinyl), I give the download to our daughter. To answer your question as it was asked, I'd have to say I'd pick the bundle because I want the vinyl, rather than the CD, version of the music. I have no use for the download.

Dman (from Audioasylum)'s picture

Most of the local places don't even have new vinyl where I am! I have to travel 115km each way to find it! I love the fact that the packaging of most new vinyl now has a CD with it—I play it in the car on the way home!

rp's picture

Don't play vinyl much, despite having many discs and nice TT. I go for the convenience most of the time.

Jeff W's picture

Downloads are great, but they must be 24-bit/96kHz at the least.

Philip's picture

Hybrid SACD, thank you very much!

Petros Petroulopoulos's picture

I get all the meat with the vinyl and the ham slice I need for lunch on the road with the MP3. Event though I have nothing against CDs and MP3, vinyl was and always will be the real thing and king and will never die. Out of the few people still paying for their music, a very big portion are vinyl lovers Vinyl with Its sound and aesthetics is always going to be temptation to the true lover of music—and its unique not-copiable nature also makes It a worthwhile purchase.

Randy Miller's picture

But I want a hi-rez download—24/96 or 24/88.2.

bullethead's picture

That's retarded—they are usually crappily compressed and not FLAC. If they were FLAC, I would prefer the vinyl-download bundle. I usually just ignore the download if it's compressed MP3 garbage.

Aaron Jacobsen's picture

I would prefer the download bundle to be in 16-bit/44.1kHz WAV or AIFF format.

J.  Pocalypse's picture

I go with the group that says "LPs sound better than CDs."

huh?'s picture

What is a "vinyl-download bundle?"

Jonathan Cohen's picture

A 24-bit/96kHz or better version for a download and a vinyl version will be better than a 16-bit/44.1kHz CD any day.

John Winder's picture

Hybrid SACD.

Jason Combs's picture

Since the download is going to be lossily compressed with DRM, most likely, I would rather own the CD. I can then manipulate it into any format of my liking for portable use. This is the vinyl vs CD argument in disguise. I prefer CDs over vinyl all for reasons I can prove logically on paper. I don't believe in magic and know that vinyl (while it does sound warm, thanks to distortion) does not sound cleaner or more crip than a CD.

Eric B's picture

I'd go for just vinyl alone too.