Would you prefer a vinyl-download bundle to the CD release of an album?

Would you prefer a vinyl-download bundle to the CD release of an album?
I'd prefer a vinyl-download bundle
55% (240 votes)
I'd prefer the CD
21% (94 votes)
Neither one
24% (106 votes)
Total votes: 440

A reader of <A HREF="http://blog.stereophile.com/stephenmejias/love_comes_close_again/#COMMEN... blog</A> states: "Vinyl-download bundles are a complete win-win for me, and I would choose the bundle over a CD every time." How about you? Would you prefer a vinyl-download bundle to the CD release of an album?

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There are still those of us who like to play CDs!

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This isn't 1985 anymore, with LP mastering a mature (meaning well-developed, not old-fashioned) technology and CD in its infancy. Current CD mastering technology (when used properly) is superb and CD still has all of the inherent advantages over LP that caused it to capture the market in the first place. All that's changed is the record labels' loss of absolute control over the means of production. (It's obvious why they like the idea of a return to vinyl.) I still don't want to deal with stylus angle, heavy marble slabs for a turntable to sit on, record wear, and all of the rest.

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Beats me how "vinyl-download bundles" are a win-win. How is a download file attractive to a vinyl addict? How is a large plastic disc of interest to a geek who strives to extract the very best from a bunch of bits? I think the population of audiophiles turning to digital until they can afford a turntable is one—SM. Gimme studio master quality downloads of great music!

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It doesn't matter. It's all the same 0s and 1s. While I like to have a physical CD most of the time, not all CDs are worth having. In this case, it's nice to be able to pick and choose specific songs. If we're strictly talking about an entire compilation, then I definitely prefer a CD, even with one costing a bit more than a download. It makes me feel I've actually gotten something for my money. It also provides me with a back-up in the event of a storage device failure.

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I just love gramophones, and gramophone records. Somehow, CD just does not seem to have the "goodness" that records do.

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See no value in downloading to a inferior medium! I'd rather listen to vinyl on a turntable!

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Just give me the download and I'll fire it up over my Transporter.

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If I buy vinyl, I'd like the download, but a lot of times I'm happy to buy the CD and be done with it.

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Of course, I'd like the download to be WAV/FLAC/lossless.

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Vinyl is the only way to go, unless your hearing is damaged!

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This is a great option, in my opinion. I get a vinyl copy to spin at home and a digital version for my iPod, so I can listen in my car, at work, or at the gym. I don't like when they transfer the digital version from a scratchy LP. Beck did this with his last album (Modern Guilt). I think that's a little silly.

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As long as it's lossless or hi-rez, absolutely. It's a no-brainer.

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SACD rules!

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I want hi-rez! I want SACD!

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I prefer SACD.

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I prefer SACD/DVD-A! Why is that not a choice here? Besides that, vinyl is very nice. After that, it is CD and DVD in a tie, even though the 5.1 option beats the CD.

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By a wide margin, I prefer SACD. That wasn't a choice—why?

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I prefer vinyl, but still want a digital copy—and I'm not too excited about getting a fancy sound card and all that's involved to rip the vinyl.

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Why not go and buy the vinyl instead?

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I'd prefer SACD with 5.1 surround sound over anything else.

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Mostly SACD, no vinyl.

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Hello, If it's not in 5.1 surround (any format!), I'm really not interested. Previous to hi-rez audio, I purchased 100+ Japanese Import CDs a year. Now, it's way less than five. My gain all the way! I still have my 250 Japanese import LP stash in storage waiting for a good home. Thanks.

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SACD/DVD-A with download or CD.

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Neither option is acceptable as audiophile LP prices have risen too high. Instead, I prefer an SACD version or, at the very least, an 88.2kHz or higher resolution download.

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I'd prefer the SACD.

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I always perfer CD over vinyl-download bundles since CDs are the best sound and price and I can always upload my CDs to MP3 or any other format, if I like.

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Vinyl-download, for sure. But uncompressed ones and zeros, por favor.

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Bought the CD of the recent Jesus Lizard reissues instead of the vinyl+download.

F.  Chasinovsky, Van Nuys, CA's picture

Why is Stereophile so obsessed with downloads, computer servers, and hi-rez lately? I don't like what I'm hearing, and in some cases, reading in Stereophile. Stereophile used to be about cutting-edge high-end audio, not about passing fads. What gives?

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I would never pay more for a vinyl-download bundle than for a vinyl-only disc.