Would you prefer a vinyl-download bundle to the CD release of an album?

Would you prefer a vinyl-download bundle to the CD release of an album?
I'd prefer a vinyl-download bundle
55% (240 votes)
I'd prefer the CD
21% (94 votes)
Neither one
24% (106 votes)
Total votes: 440

A reader of <A HREF="http://blog.stereophile.com/stephenmejias/love_comes_close_again/#COMMEN... blog</A> states: "Vinyl-download bundles are a complete win-win for me, and I would choose the bundle over a CD every time." How about you? Would you prefer a vinyl-download bundle to the CD release of an album?

Jim M's picture

I prefer the CD. No reason for vinyl, in general.

Tanto's picture

New Order's latest vinyl came with a CD. Great, great, great idea. CD costs nothing, total package around $25 CDN. Play the vinyl on the big rig, get the CD in the car.

Ali's picture

Vinyl forever! And downloads for the iPod...

Tonko Papic - CHILE's picture

Only the vinyl is analog. Life is analog, digital is only "bits" of it.

Neil's picture

Vinyl with a download bundle would be the best. Hell, add a CD with the vinyl—even better!

Pete's picture

I'd prefer the bundle, but only if the download side of the deal provided at least a 16/44.1 file, and preferably one at 24/88.2 or better.

Brankin's picture

What in Edison's name is a vinyl-download bundle? I can't imagine I'd have any interes,t since downloading music is of little interest. Maybe someday I won't be such a curmudgeon—but don't hold your breath waiting for me.

Austin's picture

This is the only way to go, I think. Who wants a CD?

Bob S.  in Stokesdale, NC's picture

Had not thought of this before, but a vinyl-download bundle is very attractive. I get to listen to the vinyl at home on the big rig, and digitally on the iPod while away—kind of a no-brainer.

Nolan's picture

The best of both worlds.

Dave's picture

Although the bundle is very appealing, "a la carte" seems the best possible choice, because it allows one to choose exactly what he/she wants.

Mike Colvin's picture

A third and better option would be a vinyl release that includes a CD.

Frank's picture

Of your choices, I'll take the bundle. My real choice is buying the vinyl and CD together.

Justin's picture

I do not download music.

Nick Manzanares's picture

Vinyl and CD!

John's picture

How about CD and download?

Jim Tavegia's picture

I am generally only downloading high bit-rate FLAC files. If the vinyl was cut from high bit-rate files and sent as FLAC, maybe, but not if it was sent as Redbook.

Hugo Rosa's picture

Only SACD, DVD-Audio, or Blu-ray audio (preferably stereo) and on a physical format.

Charlie Smith's picture

I'd love to be able to download vinyl LPs over the Internet, as long as the sleeve doesn't get damaged going through the cables!

Revell Murphy's picture

It is the best of both worlds. Vinyl for home and CD for the car.

L.  Laske's picture

Absolutely vinyl, hands down.

Tim K's picture

I spin vinyl and have a music server, so it's perfect for me. So long as the download is at least Redbook quality, I'd be on board.

Paul S.'s picture

I prefer the CD.

John's picture

I would prefer the vinyl with a CD copy included. Downloads are not sufficient quality as I rip CDs to lossless format for use with iTunes and my iPod.

DLKG's picture

Even better yet is getting the complete CD within the vinyl package. That way, I have the vinyl, which is my first choice and the CD for the car—and I can make my own downloads easier than making a CD.

Charlie Jefferson's picture

Yep, I do prefer this or even better the vinyl that comes with the CD, too. As in all the recent My Morning Jacket vinyl reissues and the current Monsters Of Folk LP. Lovely vinyl and a paper sleeve version of the CD. Perfecto!

Andrea Tubaro's picture

Vinyl and high-resolution downloads are the best combination ever!

jose danie gil's picture

I prefer vinyl—and inside, a CD.

al's picture

Absolutely! In lossless format, of course!

Dave Bennett's picture

Best of both worlds, high quality and convenience.