Would you buy more CDs if the price dropped to $8 US retail?

Would you buy more CDs if the price dropped to $8 US retail?
Yes, a lot more
56% (267 votes)
Yes, a moderate amount more
28% (131 votes)
Yes, a few more
7% (34 votes)
About the same amount
4% (19 votes)
$8 is still too much
4% (19 votes)
I don't buy CDs
1% (3 votes)
Total votes: 473

Are CD prices too high? Does pricing constrict the amount of music you purchase and listen to? After reading the responses to last week's question, it seems appropriate to ask if you would buy more regular CDs if the price dropped substantially---let's say to around $8 US per disc at retail.

JT Pratt's picture

What happened to the idea that when CDs became popular the price would drop?

Aran Cox's picture

I would buy more new CDs nd less used disks, unless used disks got that much cheaper as well.

Anonymous's picture

the fact is that i have only a certian amount to spend on cds. lower prices equal more discs.

Ted Portis's picture

Used record stores sell them for $8 or less already.

C.  Engebretsen's picture

Absolutely....price matters...I belong to both BMG and COLUMBIA cd clubs...when they have some super sales like $2.99,$1.99,$.99 Bargain Bin sales....I scoop em' up...as in LP's that are available at bargain prices...scoop em' up...you wind up finding music that ya' didn't have a inkling to....this low price allows for you to find some real winners in both sound and music quality......the lower the price the more I buy....what a simple law of economics...regards CE

Stephen DeWolfe's picture

Yes then I would be more opened to trying more new CD's

dsadd@sewickley.org's picture

As of now, I usually wait to find albums used. If they were $8 I would probably increase my new buying by 10x.

Gary J.  Kneubuehl's picture

The mark-up is a crime!

Bryan's picture

I live in Vancouver, lowest cd prices in the world, you guys are all getting ripped off :) have a nice day!