Would you buy more CDs if the price dropped to $8 US retail?

Would you buy more CDs if the price dropped to $8 US retail?
Yes, a lot more
56% (267 votes)
Yes, a moderate amount more
28% (131 votes)
Yes, a few more
7% (34 votes)
About the same amount
4% (19 votes)
$8 is still too much
4% (19 votes)
I don't buy CDs
1% (3 votes)
Total votes: 473

Are CD prices too high? Does pricing constrict the amount of music you purchase and listen to? After reading the responses to last week's question, it seems appropriate to ask if you would buy more regular CDs if the price dropped substantially---let's say to around $8 US per disc at retail.

Krishna Kodukula's picture

Considering the cost to produce each cd, an ideal price would be around $6

Glenn's picture

CDs should cost $7.50 The same price going to the movies. A lot of us know that it only costs about $.50 to print a cd. I try to buy my cds where they sell them at cost to attract customers. i.e. Some Circuit Cities and Fry's (CA Bay Area)

Kent Johnson's picture

Between buying from BMMG and used, I think the average price I've been paying is about $7. Unfortunately, a lot of the more interesting and obscure classical CDs can't be gotten this way. If many of these CDs were cheaper, I would definitely be buying more of them. It makes me wonder if many of the presently $15-17 classical issues were half as much, would sales be higher? Would the record companies sell more records for just as much (or little) profit? I don't know; I would be interested in hearing the opinion of someone who does.

Mike Marstall's picture

Most of the el cheapo CD's I buy, sound like crap. I'd only be willing to by more if they were well-recorded.

Quentin Spencer's picture

Why has the price of a CD remained constant while the manufacturing costs have dropped drastically over the last decade?

michael walsh's picture

i go to used lp stores and buy music because its cheaper, it often sounds better in the bargain, but i would like cd's if they were cheaper, because for the last few years they have really improved.

David Schultz's picture

Right now I purchase most of my CDs at stores specializing in used CDs, so I AM paying around $8 per CD. In fact, I just purchased the Mobile Fidelity Ultradisc version of "Dark Side of the Moon" for $7! If new CDs were so cheap, I would buy more new.

Ken Campbell's picture

Artist's and producers are big losers.. they are asked to put out more music and work..for the same or less money..remember a CD is 74min and DVD..?? Quality would probably drop and we would get a cheesy shrunken version of a Ted Nudget album... Sales would increase at $8.00 a pop though..tradeoff?

Arthur Han's picture

this is a stupid question. I will buy at least twice more than what I get now, if not more!!!!

Brian Borowiec's picture

Hell yes, I'd buy TONS more. Actually, likely twice as much. Don't have a strict budget, but I do buy a pile of 'em. I count on mail-order to keep prices reasonable, and cringe when I have to get that odd title at a retail outlet.

Steve's picture

That's about the going rate for the record clubs with the shipping and handling tacked on.

David Edelman's picture

I would definitely be more willing to experiment more with artists or types of music than I am now since blowing $15 - $20 is a lot of money for something I may never listen to again(and trade ins usually only get you $4 or $5.)

Carl Orthoefer's picture

Prices of CDs never dropped as promised.

C.  Eble's picture

The problem isn't necessarily the price of CD's- it's the amount of quality music and quality recordings that are available for purchase. Lowering the price won't change the music.

Richard J.  Sullivan's picture

Absolutely, music costs too much, especially in light [of the fact] that prices never did fall from the original retail of $14.99 when CDs were introduced. I still remember the empty promises of the record companies back in the mid-'80s: "Prices will drop as soon as we start selling more."

Neal Patrone's picture

Currently I buy mostly through "record" clubs and already pay prices in this range with deals like "Buy 1 get 2 free!"

Larry Mucklow's picture

I buy many used CDs priced at $6 to $10. Now that manufacturers have tooled up and debugged CD production, high retail costs translate to high profits. Several years ago, when a recording company spokesman was asked to justify the high costs of CDs, his response was the public perceives it as a better value. See, it was our fault all along.

Troy Noland's picture

a 1000%+ profit is just too much for the record companys to be making.

Mark Mason's picture

I wanted to check the "$8 is still too much" box, but the truth is that I often shop the used-CD rack for $7-$8, and clearly purchase more CDs there---about three times more. If another reader could provide the average music-industry cost data, we could do a quick calculation to see if that industry would reap more profit at 3x$8, or 1x$16.

Ray Leonare's picture

Here in Calgary (Canada), retail chains sell current releases for the equivalent of US$8-10 now, and the mail-order clubs' usual deal is 3 CDs for about US$12-15 (US$6-7 each including shipping), so we are already enjoying your price scenario in the Great White North!

R.L.'s picture

Two for the price of one? Quit teasing me.

Jorge Velarde's picture

I would buy more to be used in the car and inexpensive systems. What we are lacking is a good variety of high-quality CD's for which I don't mind paying more (such as XRCD). They do make a gratifying difference in my reference system.

David Harrity's picture

I would buy all the titles that I have in cassette tape now. And then throw away the tapes (about 200 tapes).

Allan Thorntn's picture

At under $10 a disc, I would definitely experiment more with music or groups that I'm currently unfamiliar with.

gerry wilson's picture

with about $1 cost to manufacture the disc, $7 is plenty of royalty to the label & artist

rob duke's picture

cause us poor college students can't afford hi-fi AND cd's!

Greg Cox's picture

I still like most vinyle better, but buy lots of CDs too.

Marcus's picture

CDs right now are too expensive; if they were half the price, I could buy twice as many :)

Werner, werner@tnt-audio.com's picture

In Europe, a CD costs $20. More comment needed?

Robert Allen's picture

I currently purchase used CDs at $7-8 a copy, and it is very rare for me to buy new. By being patient and watchful, I can usually satisfy my desires at several very good used-CD stores in my neighborhood. Screw those high prices!