Would you be interested in a high-end audio broadcast medium?

Would you be interested in a high-end audio broadcast medium?
Very interested
31% (69 votes)
Moderately interested
19% (44 votes)
13% (29 votes)
Mildy bemused
14% (32 votes)
Not really interested
16% (36 votes)
Who cares?
7% (16 votes)
Total votes: 226

The technology exists to create high-end audio programming that could finally solve the problem audiophiles have had with FM radio for years. But would you be interested enough to buy the equipment and/or pay for the service?

Ed Pugacz's picture

I listen to jazz and classical FM radio much of the time on my home system now. A high-quality alternative would be most welcome. But it has to be real radio-like, WITH announcers. The one thing I've always loved about radio is that I'm always hearing something new that I would never think of listening to. I also like hearing the announcers tell me something about the selections. And announcers with personality make things even more enjoyable. In the Philadelphia area we have Jill Pasternack on the classical side of things in the afternoon, and Bob Perkins doing jazz in the evenings. I'd miss both of them very much. Just having music play with no human participation would be too sterile.

Dale F.'s picture

Sounds like another opertunity to excel. Big money decides what's played on most stations now, not artistic merit and funness. Would that change? The content and sound quality need to be advanced.

John's picture

FM Radio sucks so bad, I hardly ever listen. CD's sound so much better, who in their car cranks up their killer audio system with a FM station on? Almost no one, they have CD's or MD's.

wambua's picture

smaller speakers with a sub do an exellent job in various room sizes.

Sam Tellig's picture

The problem with FM is not the sound but the content. That problem will likely not be solved soon. Meanwhile, I'm damned if I'm going to pay a penny for something I get free.

Brad, Atlanta's picture

No one is going to play the music I want to hear when I want to hear it.

Joe Plaziak's picture

Will MacDonald's commercials be more listenable?

Michael G.  Hultquist's picture

I really do not need another way to spend money on audio.

Jake Liebhaber's picture

I have considered the cable music channels, but don't feel the fidelity is good enough yet.

H.B.  Teng's picture

Of course, appreciation of such a medium will also depend on the quality of their programming.

Peter MacHare's picture

Since DJ Jerry "The Bama" Washington died (WPFW in Washington, DC), I use the radio only for baseball games. I really prefer to do my own programming.

Richard H.  Araujo's picture

The majority of people I know, audiophile or other, don't bother to listen to the radio any time, anywhere, so what's the point? I guess this is for the people who want to listen to the same worthless crap over and over again with high-quality reproduction. The format is a waste of time and money to begin with. Why waste more time and money on it?

vernon neal's picture

YES, FM stinks, selection mostly

Gaylord L.  Whitney's picture

Been waiting for this for years, both for music programming and video soundtracks.

Andrew's picture

I've listed what would be the ideal specs for radio receivers on my audio website (www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Club/1484/audio.htm), and so far there are no broadcast tuners on the market that have all the state-of-the-art features. I hope if a high-end audio broadcast medium is developed, that manufacturers will design their components to have all the features. On my radio webpage I've listed three satellite/cable radio broadcasting networks that sound promising. The best broadcasters offer a variety of channels of many genres of music.

Joe Hartmann's picture

Although I own a solid FM tuner and have a directional outside antenna, I can not remember the last time I redirected the antenna. The tuner is used very infrequently, more by my son to pull in college stations of poor quality but interesting content. Ah, there is the rub---will it be interesting content with superior audio quality? I've spent a lifetime trying to get interesting content to sound better.

Mike Royer's picture

I, for one, would love to listen to a signal that is not riddled with RFI and other associated FM problems.

Anonymous's picture

Sure wouldnt pay alot for it.

James Bays's picture

What would I do with my Sansui TU-9900, Mac MR74, and Carver TX-11a?

Paul Roeber's picture

In my car, FM sounds slightly worse than CD. Not too bad, considering all the road noise. At home, I usually don't listen to FM. I do occasionally listen to AM to catch the big game. In addition, I have DSS. I get 31 channels of near-CD-quality, commercial-free music in any flavor my mood takes me. So, audiophile "FM" may be possible, but without quality, commercial-free programming, I am not likely to buy into it.

Tommy A.  Olsen's picture

Radio is great, music is a blessing, and sometimes it's for free too.

Mike Riddle's picture

I have wondered why great-sounding analog FM broadcast service is not available over cable TV.

J.'s picture

I would buy the equipment. I listen to the radio often!

R.L.  Spencer's picture

It would be really nice to have high-end audio over the airways. It would be like a dream come true. If it came true, maybe there would be no DJs.


DirecTV already provides a pretty fair audio signal and a wide selection. I under- stand it will get better with digital decoding.

Eric Sarjeant's picture

Radio gives me the opportunity to experience artists I would otherwise never hear. The random structure of songs that one hears on the radio does not lend itself to the appreciation of those songs. Simply put, I don't have the time to sit around waiting for my new DigitalFM to pickup the song I currently have in my head.

Anonymous's picture

I have been so unhappy with the quality of music played the last several years it is not a matter of sound quality, which I value highly, but I just need to like the music. That is why i do not listen to the radio hardly ever and play my own music.

Ron Newton's picture

Would love it! But keep it free!! Keep it anonymous!!!

Michael Ong's picture

If one could hear an interlink cable sound better than another, how could wireless transmission compete. Furthermore, the bandwidth of FM is not totally comparative to high-end hi-fi quality.