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Woo what an amp!

Just received my new Woo 6 amp. Man this thing is beautiful! Extremely well built, it has plenty of muscle to drive my K701's to very loud levels. This is my first tube product, and I must say I'm very impressed! I can't believe how good this old technology can sound. What really impresses me the most , is how quite the amp is. Music seems to flow from a dead black background. I only have about 12 hours on my amp, so an in depth review should wait I guess, although I'm not one of those die hard believers in burn for electronics, I do think it affects dynamic drivers though. So far the Woo is a class act, and Jack is a wonderful, passionate, business man, who pays attention to the smallest details. I can't say enough about working with Jack. The amp is worth the price just based on the support alone. Their are very few products I have been this satisfied with, in a world where service, and quality are much to often a distant memory. As a business owner myself, I applaud Wooaudio for it's passion in producing a top flight, quality product. I posted a photo in my gallery.

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