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Wizard Rock!

My friends are making it, kind-of. Conceived in Norwood MA, gestated and delivered during parties-cum-concerts dubbed "cheap rent" in Woonsocket RI, has given birth to Wizard Rock.

Mostly they sing about Harry Potter and his adventures,
but they really work to encourage reading and music, for the young and old.

I'm very happy to say that two of the more prominant bands in this new library rock genera Draco and the Malfoys (Brian Ross, Brad Melenbacher) and The Whomping Willows , (Matthew Maggiacomo) contain my best-man/former-roommate and several long-time high school friends.

This MTV spot and this Washington Post article best sums up what they are all about.

For me, I enjoy the current success and happiness this brings my friends more than anything else, these guys love to have fun with music, love literature, and love being rockstars.

anyway, I'm on break right now, and may spend a July week on tour with " The Whomping Willows" as they hit up various clubs and libraries from NYC to the Carolinas. If anyone for any reason would like to come out to a show, I think it would be great fun, bring the kiddies.

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