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A Willie album that keeps growing on me...


Tempus Fugit.

Sitting here listening to a disc I can't get enough of this week.

Willie Nelson's "Across the Bordeline."

I consider it a 'new' Willie disc, but, dang, it's from 1993!

You should go buy this disc.

It has a vesrion of "American Tune" that I like better than the original.

Good duet with Bonnie Raitt on another cut. Great version of Peter Gabriel's "Don't Give Up," too.

The sonics are really clean, and Willie does most of the disc with minimal accompaniment.

For some reason or another, the mood of the disc reminds me of Tom Waits' "Closing Time."


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Re: A Willie album that keeps growing on me...

Okay,you're in your "country mood" today. Since you like Willie Nelson,you must like Kris Kristofferson etc , so , here's a cd you are going to love with various artists including both Willie and Kris. "All star jam" from "coming home music" label.As for the cd number,here's what is on it.
I am not sure which actually the cd number is. 6 1788 42304 2 5 SHD2304. Do purchase this cd as it is one of the country music i've ever heard,plus,you'll find a pleasant surprise on it by laurie Morgan.I am not gonna tell you what it is,you find out

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