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Amplifier upgrade for B&W DM603 S3

Hi All,

Classical musician/music lover here. I'm looking to upgrade my current setup so I can stream music to my speakers. I have two B&W DM603 S3 floor-standing speakers (25-150w, 8Ω, 37-30k Hz) and a B&W subwoofer from around 2001. My current receiver is a Yamaha AX-596 (100+100w, 8Ω, 0.0015THD, 20-20k Hz). What would be a good option that would allow me to play music through my WiFi network? I'm looking to spend under $400.

I've been checking out the Yamaha R-N303BL. Any thoughts? Other recommendations? I realize I'm probably not pursuing as high-end a setup as many (or most!) people here, but would appreciate any helpful advice around my budget from those savvy about these things.

Also, where would be a good place to try and sell my old Yamaha receiver? Ebay?

Many thanks!


B&W DM603 S3:
Yamaha AX-596:
Yamaha R-N303BL:

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