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Why we need audiophools
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Re: Why we need audiophools

Man- what a great article. Just the kind of bridge writing that can actually get people to think beyond their iPod or Bose Wave radio and consider the music. Thanks!

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Re: Why we need audiophools

Fabulous article.

I especially like MF demonstrating proper blind listening procedures in the cover photo!

Really a kind hearted, and I feel accurate, take on what audiophilia is about.

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Re: Why we need audiophools

It's certainly nice to see something that doesn't paint us as COMPLETELY insane from outside of our own circles.

Jan Vigne
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Re: Why we need audiophools

There were 28 replies to this particular response to the article ...

12:13 PM on Wed Apr 15 2009 I don't need audiophiles, companies with overpriced crap need audiophiles.

When the measurable electrical difference is within the acceptable error levels on any test equipment, paying for a perceived difference is all in your head. And if its all in your head why pull out your wallet?

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Re: Why we need audiophools

"it's probably a frequency that 50 plus years of rocking have eliminated from his spectrum."


Actually: I think it gave a good overview of the sheer emotional intensity of a high end audio system, especially as the piece was written by an admitted skeptic (who obviously didn't get the secret pro-ABX conspiracy memo I got, as he had no problem saying there was an audible difference between interconnects!)

There's a lot to be said about expressing importance to the things that are important to you - and how the act of veneration really does affect one's emotions. Some people keep an immaculate yard, some a well-maintained car, Fremer an astonishingly well-stocked audio room with what appears to be good seating arrangements and lots of good damping (although it has been commented that his speaker placement very close to corners is a little bizarre). He has put a lifetime of work into this, it's clear he's very proud of it (as he should be) and it's quite gracious of him to accept Mahoney into his inner sanctum (just as it's gracious of him to invite Ethan).

As a skeptic, I think Mikey's doing the lord's (or goddess's?) work in expressing the value of music itself - as something that is to be listened to with full attention, investment, and perhaps criticality - to a public audience. Too few people out there are doing that. Certainly not many people can rise to Fremer's level of veneration for music, but those of us who enjoy music, but may not give it a proper amount of "respect", would do well to study how people like Fremer listen to music.

That said: frankly, that doesn't make him generally right, and I continue to disagree with him on just about everything else.

It is at least somewhat reassuring that he has the same persona in real life that he has online. I think even Arny can attest to that.... heh heh heh. It's something that I aspire to - but I am trying to tone down my online language as a result.

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