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Why Next to No Multichannel DACs?

My 5.1 system build is badly overdue. What doesn't help is that I prefer DACs to the far more common "processors" used to build most surround systems, in which case about the only option is

For a very well reviewed multichannel DAC it's a superb value. But the e68 has three channels more than I need. And it has no balanced outputs which I want for feeding my pair of subs-and which I then want to daisy chain to feed a second pair of subs. So balanced lines will be needed to minimize noise risks with long cable lengths.

Indeed, AFAIK, the e68 is the ONLY multichannel DAC, outside of very few, if any, multichannel pro audio "interfaces", though which usually include as many A/D converters, none of which I'd have use for.

Sure, I could buy two ~$3K stereo DACs, as most include balanced outputs. But there will be no center channel.

And with all due respect to Exasound, after marketing at least two prior models-and one which was not that shy of the e68's price-the e68 should have been designed with a larger chassis to allow upgrades-like at least one pair of balanced outputs. And perhaps other desirable options like less channels (for my 5.1 system), better quality conversion and/or more functionality. I for one would have gladly paid an extra ~$1500. for such a DAC.

What's long overdue is some well-designed and stiffly competitive alternatives for multichannel DACs. Hopefully, those offerings will include

5.1 channels
USB input
At least one pair of true balanced differential outputs
S/PDIF coax and/or optical input
Level controls for all inputs
Master level control and Mute on wireless remote

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How about these?

How about these?
Okto DAC8 Pro:
Topping DM7:

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