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Why does a CD transport affect the sound?
Jeff Wong
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This thread sort of explains what you're asking:


In a nutshell, the timing of the delivery of those 1s and 0s determines the accuracy of the reconstruction of the waveform.

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Then how come it doesn't effect the delivery of a photo image? It's utter nonsense that's why. Why not vibration feet for a computer when it displays an image? Why not Mapingo balls and circles, and trangles, and trapezoids for a computer drive? Again, audio is filled with more BS than most consumer lines. Why doesn't the plastic insulation affect the image coming from a hard drive, but it affects the sound coming of a SACD/CD player...which one's and zero's get bothered? How come HDTV runs for miles and miles down the cable system lines, and comes out PERFECT, it be one's and zeros. Cus' it's not CONsumer audio nonsense.

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Isn't the read an 7 bit word with a check digit? So if the word is off, it re-reads? So either the words are flowing or they are not.

I know if I store my Cds on end, all the top bits are .8 and the bottom ones are 1.2 :0)


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What am I missing? Why does the transport affect the sound?

I'll bite! But 1st, Do you think CD media makes a diff! CD vs. remaster's vs. xrcd's, etc?

Jim Tavegia
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Robert Harley/Stereophile

Check out this great article from the "Phile" archives. I am a former broadcast engineer and I had to read it more than once to really get it. I still think there is much to learn. When CD was first born who even thought about jitter?

Robert points out some other issues. JA has even heard differences when driving high quality DACs with different transports. This is not snake oil.

I have had a couple of transports that had trouble reading some CDRs when others would play just about anything I put into them.


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