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Why is the Acoustical Center of Speakers so low?

Would love to know the community's thoughts on why so many speaker manufacturers build floorstanding speakers with tweeters at the listener's SEATED ear height? In most cases the tweeter is the highest driver within the speaker, so even assuming the tweeter is the acoustical center of the speaker, this arrangement seems to limit soundstage height to approximately the height of a seated individual. In practice, I'm guessing the true acoustical center is somewhere between the tweeter and midwoofer, which would then mean the acoustical center actually even lower than ear height. (Or is my logic/listening wrong?)

The issue is this. As it is for many, the focus of my listening is centered on the vocal component of music...and it is much more realistic to hear the reproduction of human voice as if the human was speaking/singing from a typical person's STANDING height. Meaning, if I am standing, I expect to hear the voice from roughly eye level. And, if I am seated, I expect to have to look/listen upward a bit to adjust for my relative position.

The only speakers I've encountered that seem to address this are $$$, such as the large Wilsons (tweeter and mid assemblies are significantly higher than the major of speakers) or maybe large Magnepans (i.e. closer to a line-source). Do I need to get to that level of speaker before the issue of soundstage height can be resolved?

Out of desperation, I'm thinking about either hanging standmounts from the ceiling or putting the floorstanders on a table. Would love your thoughts and recommendations.

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