Who is your favorite male vocalist?

Who is your favorite male vocalist?
Here he is
98% (58 votes)
Don't have one
2% (1 vote)
Total votes: 59

Last week, we asked about your female favorite, so it's only natural that this week we give the men a shot. Opera star, singer/songwriter, jazz singer, death growl screamer—who is your favorite male vocalist?

jeff roll's picture

Kurt Elling

chris's picture

Leonard Cohen! (He was born like this, he had no choice/He was born with the gift of a golden voice/And twenty-seven angels from the Great Beyond/They tied him to this table right here In the Tower of Song...).

rwp's picture

John Lennon, of course.

Nicola's picture

Ian Gillan

Mark W's picture

Peter (the angel) Gabriel

David Reis's picture

Jamie Stewart from Xiu Xiu.

Johan Bergens's picture

Freddy Mercury

Kar.'s picture

Michael Gira (Swans), David Bowie close second.

jerzzy joe's picture

Al Jolson. . . after 60 years, no one has yet to surpass him.

J.  Moore's picture

Trent Reznor. High. Low. Soft. Scream. The man can do it all.

Charlie Jefferson's picture

1) Jim James, 2) Morrissey, 3) James Mercer, 4) Neil Young.

Jeff's picture

Mike Patton. He is all of the above.

John Dylan's picture

Kurt Cobain was the voice of his generation—figuratively and literally. Cobain was his generation's Dylan and Lennon. His lyrics embodied the angst, boredom, and self-loathing of Generation X, just as Dylan gave voice to counter-culture and the civil rights movement in the '60s, and yet Cobain had the best voice of any white rocker since, well, John Lennon. Listen to Unplugged in New York to experience Cobain's chilling snarl and wails that are often masked by his Beatle-esque talent for pop melodies on Nirvana's "plugged" releases, alas distorted to the nth degree. The now legendary performance of Leadbelly's "In the Pines" (re-titled "Where Did You Sleep Last Night?") on that disc serves as a useful primer for those unfamiliar with Nirvana and Kurt Cobain's vocal prowess.

Darrell Palmer's picture

Al Jarreau—with over 504 songs to his credit, he can't be bad.

Chris's picture

Nat King Cole

altanpsx's picture

Frank Sinatra

Gerry T.'s picture

Paul Rodgers of Free, Bad Company, etc. Best rock singer ever.

Gregg's picture

Fred Astaire (1930s recordings)

Estes Yeates's picture

Neil Young

YT's picture

Robert Plant

Borzenkov's picture

Johnny Hartman

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RSW's picture

Mark Lanegan. One of the most distinct, soulful and true voices of our day.

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I thinks we should embrace music and its genres. My favorites include Al Jarreau, John Mayer, Nat "King" Cole, Sting, Seal, Kurt Elling, Maxwell, Johnny Hartman, and Will Downing.

Dandy's picture

Jim Morrison

Aref's picture

Harry Nilsson