Who else is allowed to use/control your audio system?

Who else is allowed to use/control your audio system?
30% (69 votes)
6% (13 votes)
4% (9 votes)
Other hi-fi persons
6% (13 votes)
25% (58 votes)
Nobody else
29% (66 votes)
Total votes: 228

Reader Louis McFarlane asks a question that may touch a nerve or two among audiophiles.

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In response to this question I listed "Anyone," but it is a qualified "Anyone"---much the same as I would allow "Anyone" to drive my car. That's anyone who actually knows what he or she is doing, and won't do something utterly dumb. That goes for my car or my stereo!

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I've always set up my system so that there are the fewest number of buttons needed to get the thing to run. I've always used the labels on the preamp and limit things to only one power switch so that most anyone can operate the system. This is because it is also used for video purposes and I am not always there to get things going if I'm not there.

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My Dad has a better stereo than I, and he trained me. Other than that, the only requirement I have is that you be intelligent, and trained on it.

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Regardless of what price tags you put on them, they are TOYS, for god's sake. All I ask is that they turn down the volume when they're done so the thing doesn't explode the next time I power it up.

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While "allowed" she has ZERO interest in sitting and listening to music. She is a visual person and since there is nothing to watch, she does not enjoy listening. Music, to her is something you have on in the background at best

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It's mine, all mine. You want one, you get one.

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I encourage my family to listen to music and to learn to use my audio equipment to do so. It is not easy, however, as my system----like those of many of my like-minded associates---can be accessed only through a set of complicated turn-on and control procedures that rival those in a nuclear power plant. Still, after a week-long tutorial, I think my wife finally gets it. Audiophilia is contagious. Including the family makes it all that much more fun.

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Meridan digital theater

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No one else can even figure out how to turn it on.

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I let the kids play music on my system when they wish, despite the high price tag of my components. I hope my love of music can be passed on to them, and I don't wish to do anything to discourage it!

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With CD-only source (and TV audio), it's pretty much a no-brainer, even with an active tri-amped 2-channel system: Hit the power switches and go. I'm more concerned with proper handling of the software.

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I will let anyone, after proper instruction, control my audio system. It is simple, except for the analog front-end portion.

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As long as she doesn't leave too many fingerprints!

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As long as they know to not abuse it, this is particularly hazardous since i live in a dorm while i'm in college.

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My wife has 6 thumbs!

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Actually, anyone could control my system, but I do expect them to know how. For those who would treat my system as they would a ghetto blaster, it's hands off!

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My wife is the only one person who is allowed to touch and to control my audio system and my body.

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I should probably qualify my response: I am single and live alone, so there is no one else who gets to use my system. If I had a significant other, he would be allowed to use it, after proper certification.

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It's very frgile system. mostly hand-made

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The kids have flown the coop, so they are no longer part of our daily family equation. And my wife, given the cost of my loft system, does not even WANT to touch it. Anyway, with car and house radios as well as listening to CDs from her computer, this question, luckily, is not an issue in our house.

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I used to let my Teenaged kids use the stereo, untill they blew two sets of speakers, one amp, one set of inputs, and one VCR so now, only I or my wife are allowed access to the thing,

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It's mine!! All mine!!!

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A lot of development remains to be done in the development of user interfaces. Any family member or guest may use my system, but there are a lot of buttons to push, and four remote controls (one "multi" that can't control all functions), so it is not completely intuitive...

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I only let my brother, my dad, and my uncle use my stereo

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what good is it to have a nice stereo if no one in the house but you can use it? If the gear is so delicate that you afraid that if it isn't handle just so that it will fall apart. Thats bad engineering. You bought form the wrong company. I want my family to enjoy music as much as me. They aren't going to get the same impact if they are listening to music on a boom box. So yea, I love my system and I want them to love it too, So use anything I(we) have... Enjoy