Who else is allowed to use/control your audio system?

Who else is allowed to use/control your audio system?
30% (69 votes)
6% (13 votes)
4% (9 votes)
Other hi-fi persons
6% (13 votes)
25% (58 votes)
Nobody else
29% (66 votes)
Total votes: 228

Reader Louis McFarlane asks a question that may touch a nerve or two among audiophiles.

fdaron's picture

I live alone.

Marc Phillips's picture

My wife freely uses the CD player, but I suspect she is a little hesitant and nervous around the turntable. She does clearly hear, however, the sonic superiority of the latter.

John Wagner's picture

Only a trained professional can touch my system; everyone else can just look and listen. The only exception is if you have one of those boomy car stereos, in which case your banned from my listening room.

Charles Purvis Kelly, Jr.'s picture

NOBODY!!!!! touches my shit. Does not matter WHO is there, WHEN they are there, WHY are they there, or WHAT they are there for. NOBODY touches my shit. Absolutely nobody.

Andrew Johnson's picture

Friends...if they know a thing or two about audio. You don't want people pressing buttons and doing God knows what to your precisly set up system (especially when gain is different than volume...good lord nobody understands that)!

Mannie Smith's picture

The complexity of my system (no one else in my family is used to separates, etc.) is such that I don't have to worry about it. My wife and my grown daughters (even when they are in town) are all afraid to touch it.

John Doe's picture

I encourage my wife to use my Hi-Fi; I figure it will only increase my chances of upgrading my speakers,preamp,and cables. Once the music sounds to her the way it does to me. Although, I think to her the sony clock radio is a little more spouse friendly.

Paul Lucey's picture

Hey! Ten years ago, the little woman (viola player, music teacher, and angelic-voiced church soloist) told ME that my 1968 KLH Model 21 system just didn't cut it anymore. Three systems and probably $10,000 later, how can I tell her not to play Suzuki CDs at lessons and, generally, to enjoy it any time she wants? I am delighted when she does.

J.L.  Olivier's picture

It depends, really. Nobody else touches the tube amps and the electrostatics speakers, but they can play with the solid-state amps and the Genesis 500s.

Kevin's picture

My Wife knows she could use it whenever she wanted to, whether or not she could turn everything on and set the pre-amp correctly is another story.

Bard-Alan Finlan's picture

It is possible to teach how to use safely. My children will be next to learn.

Martin Bruczkowski's picture

This shouldn't be a single-choice type of questionnaire. In my case, BOTH "Spouse" and "Other hi-fi persons" are correct answers.

R.  Levesque's picture

Anyone, if they can figure it out.

Erik Leideman's picture

Actually both my wife and my audiophile friends. When it comes to other people they usually do not dare to touch the equipment.

2+3's picture

You can ply with it if can pay for it.....

YC's picture

Anyone is allowed to use it but no one uses it because they don't know how to :) But seriously 'my system' is in a small listening room and family system in the main hall is a better choice if there're several listeners.

Andy Fawcett's picture

The wife can use the CD player, but nobody touches my LP12!

Anis Y.  Jiwani's picture

Basically, my son! The reason I let him use my system is to let him get the hang of it so he also learns something and does not ruin it out of curiosity as to how the damn thing works while I am away from home. He is 9 years old and he has been at it since he was just 3. I started using my Dad's system when I was less than 3. He sure feels proud of it, and is my companion when I get new music or a new piece of equipment once in a blue moon.

David S.  Dodd's picture

Come on, guys, get real . . . this is like asking who else uses your toothbrush!!!

Stephen Curling's picture

being married has its down sides too.

Carl Lohmann's picture

One's tollerance will be tested...

marco's picture

nobody else is allowed touch my "wife"!

Ray Garrison's picture

What fun is having a great-sounding system if you don't encourage other people to enjoy it? As long as they're careful, I show them how to load CDs, how to adjust the volume, and tell them to have fun! I do limit use of the Thorens to people who listen carefully and try to be careful.

Mike Molinaro's picture

I chose "Friend" for two reasons. One, I get lazy, and he'll flip the LP (another vinyl convert) and adjust the volume with my full confidence and blessings (he picks out good tunes, too!). Two, I would let my wife, but she's afraid of our system despite all my instruction in proper care and procedure. You see, when we were dating many moons ago, I fell asleep with the stereo on. She was going to "help" by turning the system off, which she did starting with the preamp and without turning the volume down. With a snap! and thaWOOUUNK!! and the flash of the internal fuse blowing, all went quiet and dark. She thought it was over---the stereo, the relationship, everything. Happily, I love her more than that silicone contraption (tubes may be another matter), and the amplifier was a Heathkit I had built, so the problem was eaisily fixed. However, to this day, she is extremely hesitant to operate any of the equipment, despite my encouragement to do so. I will keep trying to get her interested in this hobby.

Patrick Tracy, aka Svenbjorn's picture

I have let only the people whom I trust to respect my gear operate my stereo. This has included family and a few friends.

Stephen Schwinn's picture

And then only with supervision... :-)

Joe Ferrente's picture

I want everyone in my family to be interested in good sound and, especially, music. This required some compromising, like choosing a Rega RB900 arm instead of the Graham, but I think that the tradeoff is worth it. Music, vinyl included, should be for everyone in the family.

garth's picture

Anyone I would allow into my house which is more than a few. Its not made out of sugar.

Bob Bernstein's picture

My spouse only,,, we have no kids. However, she still shies away from using it, claiming its too complicated (intimidating?) even though high-end systems are easier to use than mid-fi systems!

Curt Simon's picture

My wife is allowed to use the high-end system. I have, however, forbidden either of our two cats from doing so until they demonstrate their ability to do so responsibly.