Who buys the most music in your household?

Who buys the most music in your household?
I do
83% (125 votes)
My kids do
2% (3 votes)
My spouse does
4% (6 votes)
My roommate does
2% (3 votes)
I live alone
9% (14 votes)
Total votes: 151

Audiophiles pride themselves on their love of music, but it may turn out that their kids or spouses buy more music than they do. Who buys the most music in your household?

Mike Agee's picture

Happily, both of us in my household buy music. Our CD numbers are about the same, but my vinyl purchases give me the edge. Limitations on purchases rank thus: 1) Finding time to listen, 2) Finding music to listen to, and 3) Finding the dollars to buy it with(I think most audiophile vinyl is too pricey).

Ole G.'s picture

By a good margin

The Tuna's picture

Well, it's me buy a wide margin. At least five to one over the total of all the others in my household combined. Not even close. The curse of an avid collector.

Michael Paquet's picture

I do. I buy about three CDs each week but I only buy used. CDs are way overpriced. I can't remember the last time that I purchased a new CD.

Tony P., NY's picture

My wife hates it when I buy different pressings of the same LP so I can compare them. Of course that never happens with digital, "the perfect sound forever."

David Schwartz's picture

My wife never buys music. If she wants something she asks me to buy it since I don;t mind shopping around the internet for the best price.

John Mallon - Dublin Ireland's picture

I do, followed by my son.

Tim Bishop's picture

My wife is the movie fan, me the music fan!

xanthia01@gmail.com's picture

I do, for sure. My spouse couldn't give a shit. In fact, I don't think my spouse has bought a single thing.

Nathan's picture

I think my roommate buys slightly more. It's close, though.

Jim Tavegia's picture

I am the only one who buys CDs, unless it is something new at Christmas. My son uses his PS3 for downloads, but the rest is up to me. Recent purchases: JAR, Gabe Dixon Band, Josh Fix, Beatles' Revolver (RM), Murray Perahia's Bach English Suites 2,4,5.

Doug Bowker's picture

Me, by a long shot. Ten times more than anyone else, although to be fair, a lot of what I buy, my wife likes too. She just leaves it up to me mostly. Before we met, she bought quite a lot, though.

craig's picture

Does a budget of less than $100 a year qualify for a response here? I spend less than that—way less.

WSE3's picture

I'm probably not an audiophile—just a music lover with a decent system. I listen to boombox-type stuff and via computer speakers (el cheapo) quite frequently. My guess is 100 to 125 CDs/year purchased, although many at used prices.

Justin's picture

I'm the biggest music consumer in my family and I never download tracks. I'd rather purchase CD albums.

FearlessLeader's picture

Do people still pay for music?

Tian Xia's picture

I am a die-hard hardcore classical music lover and also a die-hard fan of Deutsche Grammophon & Decca and I am only interested in the tangible music products, that is, CDs/SACDs/DVDs/Blu-Ray. Every month, when Deutsche Grammophon and Decca release their new products (including nice reissues of legendary recordings as well as newly-recorded recordings), I grab most of their releases. Deutsche Grammophon is fantastic and very cool, first-class indeed! Decca is very good, too, and is on the way to full recovery.

Vladimir Sheftelyevich's picture

All the space which could be used to house the roommate has been taken up by books and music.

F.  Chasinovsky, Van Nuys, CA's picture

I spend the most because I earn the most...

Lila's picture

My brother has just taken notice of the fact that MP3/lossy formats don't sound the same as CDs, and is now buying CDs again after nine years or so. I still buy more CDs, though.

kbchristian's picture

My girlfriends, now and again, present me with LPs which they insist I just have to have—unlucky me.

Stephen Curling's picture

I'm by far the largest music lover in my house. I have more CDs and legal downloads than the other two people in the house combined—by more than a factor of two.

Mike Eschman's picture

It's 6 to 10 new CDs every month.

Joe Hartmann's picture

I purchase several CDs a month and, frequently, LP reissues. My son, when he has the time, is at the used record (LPs) store for old bluegrass and classical. At least once a month, my cell rings ("Do I have an LP?") and if so, can he borrow it.

hal's picture

Found a used record store with dollar vinyl. After a good cleaning most are in really good condition. Unfortunately/fortunately, I bring home about 100 albums a month.

Mahlernut's picture

I travel a lot on business. I am always on the lookout for shops selling vinyl.

audio-sleuth@comcast.net's picture

No matter who buys the music in our house, 80% of it was recorded 20 years ago or more. This includes the two teenagers. Sad!

Thad J.'s picture

My wife has very indiscriminating ears. She downloads, and buys, all kinds of different genres of music. And let's not forget that she listens to that music through Bose speakers. I, on the other hand, carefully select what music will be playing through my speakers, so I might buy one CD a month, maybe.

nosmo king's picture

I already have the music I want. Now it's the kid's turn.

Walcascar's picture

I buy 100% of all music. Just a wife, no kids.