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White Van Speaker Scam

I know this was a HUGE discussion a few months ago and created some controversy over wether Stereophile had made a mistake in running misleading Ads. But I dont think anyone really knows how big this scam is. Its nation wide

My father inlaw and brother inlaw get nailed every year at the garage they own by the same guys and they insist there getting this great deal, . I find it funny, since they call me an idiot for driving a Jaguar.

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Re: White Van Speaker Scam

It's an old con. I got approached by a couple of these clowns back in 1989 when I first moved to the Detroit area. They stopped me in a bank parking lot after I had made a deposit. At the time, the speakers that I was using were home built DIY 3 ways in a 5 cf enclosure made with 1.50 inch mdf (my father had a door plant back in the 70's when I built the cabinets). They weighed in at about 120 lbs each. Anyhow, what these clowns were selling weighed in at about 10 lbs each, in the shipping boxes. Needless to say, the weight alone made me very suspicious. When they wouldn't let me actually examine the speakers, I told them to get lost.

Unfortunately, a friend of mine who had moved to Florida got taken in by these scam artists. When he got his new acquistion home what he found were a couple of empty cabinets. Those frauds hadn't even gone to the effort of putting drivers in the cabinets.

These clowns rely on 2 things. Greed and impulse. Greed because way too many people want in on a "deal" of "hot" goods at a steal of a price. Impulse because any rational person would pass on these deals if they took the time to think about it.

Bottomline, any time someone offers you a deal "too good to be true", it is. Don't deal, barter, or even talk, just walk away. Course, now that cell phones are so common it might also be a good idea to call the cops once your clear of the con. That might help protect some of the more foolish individuals amoung us.

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Re: White Van Speaker Scam

No offense meant - well not much - but you have to question the judgment of people who don't understand why one would want to drive a Jaguar. I suspect, in addition to those speakers, they have acquired lots of other great "bargain" stuff. What was it Barnum said?

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