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"White Van" ads in Stereophile

I know you depend on ad money to run a magazine. But, TheaterResearch ads in Stereophile?? This is the classic white van, absolute junk, rip off speaker line. They have
no legitimate dealers, they only sell on sites like e-bay.
They list HUGE suggested retail prices then people get ripped off. You can bet that people pushing this junk are already saying "as seen in Stereophile". Bad call, Bad,Bad, call.

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Re: "White Van" ads in Stereophile

How do you propose that Stereophile justify rejecting these ads, in the absence of any demonstrated wrongdoing or illegal acts on the part of this company?

It seems to me that the company has a legal right to place an ad, unless Stereophile has a specific policy that would apply, which seems doubtful.

Any comments on current policies, Stereophile?

Jeff Wong
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Re: "White Van" ads in Stereophile

The subject of the "white van" ads was covered in May, in this thread:

It's worth reading through the thread. JA explains how the editorial and advertising departments of the magazine are quite separate.

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