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White Noise issues with new KRK speakers

Hello. I have a question regarding my current audio setup. I have 2 KRK RP7 G4s, in a stereo setup which connects to my DJ controller (the Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 Mk3). The output from the controller is a RCA output. And the input for the monitors are XLR. The XLR input for the monitor also supports a 1/4" TRS jack also within the XLR port. I have a subtle white noise coming from the monitors at low volume. I am aware that I am using a balanced output to an unbalanced input??? This is creating white noise though and I was wondering if there was a fix. I have a ground loop isolator which works but removes the low-end responsiveness. I was just wondering whether using 1/4" trs to RCA would solve the problem, instead of using the XLR to RCA cables I currently use. Cheers! any help is appreciated :)

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