Which speaker technology do you prefer?

Which speaker technology do you prefer?
Dynamic/Cone drivers
47% (108 votes)
7% (16 votes)
Electrostatic/Dynamic hybrid
18% (41 votes)
7% (16 votes)
Ribbon/Dynamic hybrid
7% (17 votes)
3% (8 votes)
Horn/Dynamic hybrid
2% (5 votes)
3% (6 votes)
No preference
5% (12 votes)
Total votes: 229

There are some wildly different speaker technologies out there with one common goal: accurate reproduction of music. In your experience, which approach works best?

Jim Christian's picture

I buy for price/performance

John Atkinson's picture

The speaker technology is the main ingredient, but what really matters is the creativiity and ability of the chef. A talented speaker designer could produce great sound from a wet Kleenex and a refrigerator magnet!

Steve Hubbs's picture

I've come to the point that I can enjoy and respect the merits of all types of designs---mainly because things have progressed to the point that the gap is narrowing each day due to the adventurous minds at work in high-end audio. I predict that Stereophile's Class A category will one day be dominated by a $500 design. Hey, miracles do happen!

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Ken Unk's picture

I like good bass and I'am really not that familiar with other designs.

Kurt Christie's picture

Tannoy's dual concentric Churchill's speakers are the finest I have ever heard of any type - and I have been into hi-fi and the high end since 1957. They sound particularly heavenly with a good single-ended amp.

Gil Lester's picture

I've owned Martin Logan SL3's for a while and would'nt trade for anything. I've been a jazz musician for many years and I feel I know what to listen for!

John Rome's picture

I have never heard a dynamic driver system, at any price range, that could approach the "rightness" of my Martin -Logan SL3s.

Andrey's picture

good sensivity, the best ratio quality/cost