Which speaker technology do you have in your system?

Which speaker technology do you have in your system?
Dynamic/Cone drivers
65% (396 votes)
4% (22 votes)
Electrostatic/Dynamic hybrid
7% (43 votes)
9% (55 votes)
Ribbon/Dynamic hybrid
6% (37 votes)
3% (17 votes)
Horn/Dynamic hybrid
3% (18 votes)
3% (18 votes)
Total votes: 606

It's been three years since we last asked this question, and reader Jeffrey Michael suggests we ask it again: With all the different speaker technologies on the market, which technology have you adopted for your current audio system?

Harold, hgunther@euronet.nl's picture

I have been a Maggie fan since 1975 and so is my S.O. We will end up designing a living room around a pair of MG 3.6R or MG 20s in the coming two years. There are more planar/hybrids in the house, including an ancient pair of Infinity Qa's.

Karl Kessler's picture

i'm a very satisfied owner of a pair Apogee Stages and enjoy the music they make.

Ron Maynard's picture

Apogee Divas keep the music flowing at this household. Are there other speaker technologies?

Graz's picture

Apogee Duetta Signatures. As a manufacturer of new spares for the Apogee range of speakers I have a respect for almost all their products. And I am soon going to release my own ribbon speaker, using the NEW technology I now use to recreate Apogee spares TO THE MAX!

Ken's picture

Long live Apogee

Chris Connaker's picture

I am one of the few who went from Horn (Klipsch) to Electrostatic (Martin Logan ReQuests) to Dynamic (B&W N802). Many people say that once you listen to electrostatic you never want anything else. I had to have the sound of a dynamic speaker.

Anton Dotson's picture

Apogee ribbons still have the greatest air and detail fo any speaker I have heard. The best thing about CEs each year is going home knowing that Apogee is the king of the hill. There are two replacement experts at the Apogee user's group who are furthering the state of the art.

Kenny's picture

After owning electrostatics, which can't stand the humid weather, and cone/horn, which throws music at your face, I come to peace with Apogee Stages. Have not heard anything better than it.

Craig Buckingham's picture

Apogee Stage. Seamless sound presentation with a very enticing sound stage. A couple of resonance peaks at 37Hz & 47Hz but these can be tuned out with room conditioning. This speaker, and some others in the range, are severely sonically compromised by the switch in the mid/tweeter circuit. Being a low impedance speaker the high current distortion through the switch is clearly audible. Also the crossover capacitors are a weak point in the design. This speaker had quite a good review by stereophile and a few other mags when it was initially launched. I wonder if this speaker might have been a classic if these two weak points were addressed before release. Thanks to Graz graz@graz.com.au Australia for replacement mid/tweeter ribbons. Also to Bob apogeeribbons@yahoo.com.

georgehifi's picture

Nothing sounds as natural,but nothing!!

Jerome V.  Washington's picture


Mark Nelson's picture

Female vocals and accoustic instuments are the reason I purchased electrostatics (and Sam Tellig). I'm a satisfied customer for MartinLogan.

Lars Hansen's picture

Apogee Stage

Pyry Ekholm's picture

I'm using speakers i've built myself, 2-way mains backed up by 2 subs; all dynamic.

James Mirco's picture

Kept alive by Graz replacement ribbons

JMTTG's picture

MLogan SL3's with the right amp and cables makes for nice "transparancies".

michael seyfried's picture

naim nbl (active crossover)

Jeff Blazey's picture

Found a pair of Apogee Duetta Signatures at an electronics store. Astonishing! Hooked on ribbons. Spares available too.

G.C.  Van Winkle's picture

I would prefer electrostatic speakers,Quads to be exact, but they don't mix well with Rottweilers.

AJS's picture

Apogee speakers, untouchable!

John Murray's picture
J.C.Miranda - Portugal's picture

The best compromise

Trollman's picture

I really like all the different speaker types for different reasons.

Glenn Bennett's picture

I am using KEF C95 floorstanders, but wonder why I don't get around to repairing the surrounds on my ESS AMT1a's. The 70's were the great fun years of hi-fi.

Rob Bolton's picture

Magnapans. Love my Maggys.

Harold B.  Roberts's picture

ESLs sound the most like the real musical instruments of all the above-listed types.

Jack Durrett II's picture

Dunlavy SC IV

John's picture

What!?!?!? No planar magnetic choice? What a poorly phrased question. Get with the program. (yes, I know they are dynamic (technically) but I don't think that's what you mean by the Ribbon/Dynamic hybrid choice.)

anonymous's picture

I like the Avantguard hybrids but I find the Musical Fidelity M3 driving decent cones offers almost all the advantages of SET/horns but with better reliability and quieter backgrounds.

Ravi Subramaniam's picture

Full Range Ribbons!!!