Which single year has had the most great music? Why?

Which single year has had the most great music? Why?
That year was . . .
87% (34 votes)
They are all exactly the same
13% (5 votes)
Total votes: 39

We often hear that new music today is merely a shadow of what came before. In your opinion, which single year has had the most great music? Why?

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1969 Because the music is the shit!!!!

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1970 was perhaps the center of a very broad span of time (maybe stretching 4 decades backward and 2 decades forward,) when much great music was created. The demise of great music came when rhythm began to be pushed as the predominant element in music roughly fifteen years ago. Bring back melody and good lyrics! The incessant droning and punctuation of modern music with drums, drums, and more drums, reminds me of a jackhammer. And this is why I have an audiophile sound system? Pul-eeze!

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Decades really. The music of the 50's,60's,70's,and even the early 80's had a lot more depth and artistry. In my opinion It really didn't started its present lifeless form of synthPoP and Rap form about 85 and became mostly lifeless by the 90,s. To quote one of my young interns the music of the 80's was actually pretty good. He is only 21 and does not listen to anything that is current POP. Proof to me that the studios of today are truly out of touch if there product doesn't doesn't even appeal to someone so young.

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1966. Because all great records are from that year : Antoine & les Problèmes, 13th floor elevators, Jacques Dutronc, Revolver, The VU & Nico, Françoise Hardy, The Jefferson Airplane, The Doors 1st demos, Aftermath and so on...

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1966...a pop & soul music turning point.