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Which to sell

Which speakers are better out of the two? The JBL HLS410 or the JBL Control 1Xtreme? I currently have both of them and I' am trying to decide which one to sell on E-bay. I will need to sell one of them but I don't know which I should sell. I need to save money to get better speakers but in the mean while I need to get the most I can and I sure don't need two pairs of speakers so please tell me which speakers is the best out of the two so I can sell one. Both are in good condition and sound like new.

Here are some specs on the JBL Control 1Xtreme.

2-Way, 4-Inch (100mm), Personal-Size Monitor Loudspeaker

Small-footprint, personal-size monitor with rugged, molded enclosure brings the music anywhere it's needed, including the home or office.

Shielded components allow placement next to video monitors.

Optional wall-mount brackets available (WBC1).

MSRP: $199.99PR


Recommended Power Amplifier Range 10 Watts

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Re: Which to sell

The better of the two are the ones that sound the best to you. Keep the ones that sound the best to you.

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Re: Which to sell

You posted this to at least two sites I've seen and the response has been the same. Choose what you want. No one can help you.


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Re: Which to sell

I took a quick look at your bio and assume you are a young guy...teenager?

As indicated by previous responses, nobody can make that decision for you. All things being equal, the only thing I noted about the specs on the speakers is the higher sensitivity of the first pair listed. This simply means the speakers will sound louder with less power. If you have no compelling reason to keep one or the other, I would keep the more sensitive speakers.

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