Which Stereophile writer would you want to visit?

Which <I>Stereophile</I> writer would you want to visit?
I'd want to visit . . .
80% (39 votes)
I'm staying home
20% (10 votes)
Total votes: 49

Last week we asked which <I>Stereophile</I> writer you would like to have come visit. Reader Jay Valancy suggests that a more interesting question is which writer would <I>you</I> like to visit?

DAB, Pacific Palisades, CA's picture

Sam Tellig. I've had the pleasure of meeting Sam on a couple of occasions, and have found that he is not only well read and has a "golden ear," but is also a humanitarian who possesses an acute sense of humor and has a kind word for all.

Bubba in SF's picture

Sam Tellig. He has a common sense approach to audio. His review of my preamp helped in my decision to buy it years ago.

Charlie would be Wise.'s picture

John Atkinson. He has more factual information and ways to get it through measurements. Love to see how he does it.

macksman's picture

Jon Iverson to converse, of course, but to listen while enjoying that view. What a pleasure that must be.

Patrick Griffith's picture

Michael Fremer for his vinyl addiction; Art Dudley, for he's a man of faith and controversy; and finally Wes Phillips as a great and educated reader.

Nodaker's picture

Whoever has the most expensive equipment at a given point in time...it would be the only chance I'd ever have of hearing it....maybe Mikey with his $90K turntable....

Miike Agee's picture

Visiting a reviewer would be much more interesting than being visited. But which one? Art Dudley, to hear Lamm SETs drive his renno'd ESLs and to get his take on equipment racks, since a photo on this site seems to indicate that he eschews them. Mikey, to hear that amazing system and find out how he hears around the pops and clicks that can leave me white-knuckled with my own system. Kal, to understand his dismissal of break-in, a phenomenon suggested consistently by all my equipment and confirmed by my Naim amp. Sam, so I can ask why he ever gets back on that plane leaving fair Italia. Wes, to witness the intellect that comes up with such literate reviews. John Marks, to find out, in a friendly way, what part of greenhouse gas reduction wouldn't be preferable to what we have now, and how much better our wines might be if our air and soil were clean. Jon, to witness his Martin Logans before that great view. But my first choice would have to be John Atkinson, to help me get my mind around phase, reactive impedance loads, and to hear those MBLs for an evening.

Vade Forrester's picture

Art Dudley

Al Marcy's picture

Sorry, Road trip days have passed ;)

Adam Leppert's picture

Paul Bolin; he always has the cost-no-object gear on hand and he lives in the same metro area as I do.

Soho's picture

I want to visit MF's place and put on an LP, so I can point my finger at the rack, guffaw, and say, "You call THIS a system? -- THIS is the closest you can get to live? -- For HOW many thousands?"

Billy Malieckal's picture

Art Dudley. I know he can talk about more than audio. I can also keep quiet and listen to him about the Listener days. And most of all I can show him my new radical tonearm design which even the Clearaudio guys haven't thought about. I don't want Fremer to see it yet. I will surely take the best wine I can get. Ah,the Quads and those amps and the flora and fauna and all that sincerity.

T.  O.  Driskel's picture

Mikey, so I can listen to a high-end anolog rig set up right!

CraigNJean's picture

Stephen Mejias. I would love to go through his music collection and be able to pull out anything that looks interesting

OvenMaster's picture

Michael Fremer. I admit that I have yet to hear a turntable that can outplay a CD player. Without a doubt, Mr. Fremer would have one, and the revelation would be staggering, I'm sure!

Beken's picture

None of you guys. I've stopped buying equipment and decided to enjoy the music and/or make my own music. If one or more of you want to come over just to listen and enjoy, you're welcome. I have lots of music that I like and a few bottles of wine that I like. I have very few audiophile approved recordings and even fewer audiophile approved wines. Just stuff I like.

Tim Bishop's picture

Mikey! He has all that neat expensive gear, and besides that he has an LP or or two I hear.

Jeff's picture

JA, no question.

Rob Iacullo's picture

Who has the MBL 101es?

Erik H's picture

Mike Fremmerrr.... He has so many cool stuff for listening to...and he is one of my most trusted reviewers since 1996.

Edmund Fung's picture

Micheal Fremer

Larry S's picture

Cory Greenberg!

Franklin's picture

Wes Phillips. I like cats too, so we could listen to tunes and visit with the pets.

ChrisW's picture

I'd get my buddies together and converge on JA's house. We'd want to hear his master tapes on HIS system.

TUNA's picture

It would be Sam. And, just for kicks, I'd like to visit with him while he's in Italy. Which would mean that I'm also in Italy, of course. How about Tuscany, Sam? Let me know!?:~)

Tom Warren's picture

Michael Fremer. I would like to hear his reference vinyl playback, check out his entire system and talk music and long players, in print and out. It would be interesting to hear the possibilities of my perfered media.

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Joe Hartmann's picture

Mike Fremer to see and hear that turntable. I must admit that I would have bring my own music because Mike and I have such different taste.

Handly's picture

I'll want to spend the evening with Stephen Mejias—not just at his place but also have him drag me around to all his hangouts for music. Now that would be a great evening of music!

Bill Crane's picture

Sure, I would love to talk to the World�s first audio journalist. If ever one exists, please let me know.