Which Stereophile writer would you want to have over for an evening and why?

Which <I>Stereophile</I> writer would you want to have over for an evening and why?
I'd pick . . .
86% (68 votes)
Keep 'em away from my house
14% (11 votes)
Total votes: 79

Let's say you're having an audio party, or just wanting to tweak your audio system. Which <I>Stereophile</I> writer would you want to have over for an evening and why?

Geordy Duncan's picture

She doesn't write for Stereophile anymore, but I would have liked to have Lisa Astor over. She seems cool. Astor Place was a fun read in the older issues. I still go back and check 'em out once in a while.

Dave Bennett's picture

Art Dudley. My favorite writer (from The Listener days) who "gets it" & wouldn't turn up his nose at my system because I don't use $1000 interconnects or align it with magnetic North or whatever.

DAB, Pacific Palisades, CA's picture

Sam Tellig, of course. I had the privilege of speaking with Sam on numerous occasions, and have found his wit, wisdom, and humanity most refreshing. And yes; the man knows audio!

James's picture

Wes. It's a pleasure to read his contributions, he communicates his enjoyment of our hobby clearly, and he has a great sense of humor.

tonyE's picture

Forget it. I don't need no neurotic audio tweakers in my house. I like it just the way it is.

ACF's picture

Sam Tellig because he's been writing and recommending as long as I've been reading, listening, and often purchasing with never a disappointment. A unique voice with a wry sense of humor. What better dinner companion could you want?

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Sam Tellig. We used to own the same loudspeakers.

Nicholas Wickenden's picture

Sam Tellig, by all means, because his cosmopolitan tastes in music and equipment would mean that he would have, and be, more fun playing with my system

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Tough call, but I'd have to go with John Marks. Here's a guy who cares about music (and a good kind of music at that!) more than gear, or at least makes a convincing show of doing so.

Al Marcy's picture

JA. I enjoy Brits. It is fun to watch them eat. :)

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Although fairly new to the staff, I would pick Art Dudley. I was once a Listener subscriber and I enjoyed reading Art's writing because it was instilled with a sense of who he is, and I related to it. I like the idea that he doesn't buy into every tweak on the market. It just seems to me that he is a very interesting guy with a lot more to talk about than just audio.

Nodaker's picture

Mikey, but only if he promised to bring one of those mega-buck turntables for audition. Then maybe I could ply him with liquor and he'd forget it there....wishful thinking.

process97's picture

Sam Tellig. Anyone who is into vintage American popular music from the '20s, '30s, and '40s is welcome into my listening room!

Larry Britja, La Jolla, CA's picture

Fremer; it would save me the cost of buying his DVD.

Charlie would be Wise.'s picture

Wes Phillips. Seems to have a good handle on more things than just audio.

Jim's picture

John Atkinson. What other writer would listen to Sam and Dave?

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And the winner is...Mr. Fremer. I have a Walker TT so I'd love his perspective as compared to his own substantial source as well as any secret setup lore or criticisms he might be able to share. Besides that, I like his style. No bloated pseudo-pedadgoguery here; mostly just astute and well-informed observations delivered in a lilting straightforard style that I feel is inherently easy to digest. It's amazing to me how much flack this guy takes in the field based on his production. BTW Mikey, my audio gatherings are normally very small in number and awash in French champagne and Vieux Calvados so bring a designated driver!

Ampsarus's picture

JA, because we need a designated driver

James M.  Herr's picture

Art Dudley is my pick. I agree with him on many issues and like his flair. I am a retired school teacher and recognize that "teacher edge" that I know and love.

Kennett Mendenhall's picture

Art Dudley. Guy strikes me as unassuming with dash of self deprecating humour devoid of insincerity.

Andrew Maher's picture

Any of them would do. I find they all write good sense. As a single choice, maybe Sam Tellig. I find a degree of commonality between what the equipment he likes and what I own! Michael Fremer could give the turntable the once over. He has given some useful advice via your pages. I also read Art Dudley's column.

Joe Hartmann's picture

Art Dudley. He and I seem to have similar tastes in musice and the choice of equipment has often indepently mirrored mine.

Paul J.  Stiles, Mtn.View, CA's picture

All of them. The argument(s) would be most entertaining and informative.

Dan Ratliff's picture

Either Sam Tellig or Robert Harley. We could feed Sam a lot.

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Send Sam Tellig down to Argentina to visit me.

craig's picture

In print or online is as close as I want to get.

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John Atkinson. The possibility of having Mr. Atkinson imparting some of his technical knowledge on audio is enticing. Also, I'm sure the general conversation would be very stimulating. I could have Paul Bolin over, but he does not live more than ten miles away from me.

dennis ryan's picture

Fremer. We would listen to records.