Which genre of music gets the most playing time on your system?

Which genre of music gets the most playing time on your system?
24% (78 votes)
1% (3 votes)
0% (1 vote)
Show tunes/soundtracks
1% (3 votes)
23% (74 votes)
World music
1% (3 votes)
2% (5 votes)
Rock (all variations)
29% (95 votes)
3% (11 votes)
7% (24 votes)
2% (7 votes)
Other . . .
7% (22 votes)
Total votes: 326

Mellow jazz and small-combo instrumental music is frequently the material of choice in audio stores and at hi-fi shows. But audiophiles enjoy a wide variety of music. Reader Richard Horan wonders: what's your favorite?

Brian Smith's picture

It is difficult to pick only one "favorite" when there is such a wonderful variety of enjoyable music available. I voted for classical, but if it's good music, I listen to it.

David J.  Clement's picture

Symphonic pieces with brass. Also organ works and Latin choirs.

J.  Huget's picture

Mostly alternative, cyberpunk, some straight-up rock.

Mark's picture

In order of appearance: techno, alternative, rap, reggae, blues, classical, classic R&R.

craddick@ix.netcom.com's picture

Classical first & foremost, opera close second, and jazz a rather distant third.

R.  Heisey's picture

Choose one? I can

Stephen Curling's picture

i listen to mostly top 40 which granted isn't of high caliber but i like the music. a listener can't possibly limit oneself by listening to only one kind of music varity is required.

Mr.Chakrit Suwannakij's picture

The music that gets most playing time on my system is pop music and especialy " When ever you call " from Mariah Carey .

Anis Y.  Jiwani's picture

After going through miles and miles of paper in the day, it's Miles (Davis) again at night---the way to unwind, to face the next day.

Chris's picture

Led Zep, Jeff Beck, Stanley Clarke, Pink Floyd

Curt Simon's picture

Questions of this form are not very useful. One's favorite cuisine may be Chinese, but one would sure hate to eat it three times a day, seven days a week.

Ramon Selby's picture

Western (as opposed to country), Vintage Swing, & Western Swing.

David Douglas's picture

My listening consists of mainly 50`s R n B, 60`s soul, and various types of rock.

Siedy Abee's picture

In the Netherlands, folk music is at the moment becoming more and more popular, even among audiophiles. The reason why I choose folk music is because it is so natural. My favorite artists are Christy Moore, Luka Bloom, Barry Moore, the John Wright Band, etc.

J.T.'s picture

Whatever floats your boat!

Kevin Donihoo's picture

Rock is my Grisham, while classical is my Melville, the former to be consumed without a great deal of thought, the latter to be savored and lingered over.

David Mitchell, age 14's picture

I listen to rock the most, pop coming second, although I am starting to branch out. Classical (to the disgust of my younger brother) and jazz CDs are starting to show up on my shelf. And there are good, and lousy, recordings in all genres.

Lance Huntley's picture

I've got "big ears," but American Classical Music gets most of my time.

Audi's picture

The only problem with pop music is that there are rarely good recordings of it. Can't wait for more MoFi Original Masters re-releases of GnR. (Do you consider that pop music?)

Glenn Young's picture

And since my daughter is a violinist, I get to hear "live vs. recorded" every day!

Mannie's picture

Predominantly chamber music. Maybe when I get into a room where I can move my speakers out, I'll prefer symphonic.

Doug Burkett's picture

I wish the question had been set up more along the lines of "What percentage of the time do you listen to {some type} of music?" Mostly I listen to classical now, but that's only been for about the last four or five years. If you've got a good system, it seems silly to limit yourself to one kind of music. Like billions of others, I started out as a kid listening to rock&roll. Period. Now I still like rock, but also space music and old blues, but, oddly enough, jazz has never really pushed my buttons, although I've bought some jazz CDs trying to find something I like. One interesting effect: as my system got better, I found I listened to less rock on it. I honestly get more emotional response to rock tunes on my crappy factory-stock Blazer car stereo. I think the gross audible blunders in that system let me just enjoy the music.

W.  Mark Dyer's picture

I vote rock & roll because that is what is most represented in my collection.

Steve Neshan's picture

I'm glad you didn't list rap as a music form.

Kurt M.  Deros's picture

primarily jazz with a touch of 70's rock

John Smolley's picture

We need more jazz reviews---wake up, guys, plenty of us with killer systems are bored to tears with the reviews of some classsical piece published for the 52nd time. Music is alive!

Lo's picture

Chinese opera is quite good too!

Vinai Lelapinyokul's picture

With sufficient concentration span, won't anybody enjoy classical music.

Bob Currul's picture

Limiting me to one vote is rather restrictive. A percentage of genre would be more reasonable. I generally do about 40% classical, 40% jazz, 10% soft rock and 10% other.

C.  D.  (Terry)Beaver's picture

classical music will endure long after all other forms of music have been replaced and disappear.