Which genre of music gets the most playing time on your system?

Which genre of music gets the most playing time on your system?
24% (78 votes)
1% (3 votes)
0% (1 vote)
Show tunes/soundtracks
1% (3 votes)
23% (74 votes)
World music
1% (3 votes)
2% (5 votes)
Rock (all variations)
29% (95 votes)
3% (11 votes)
7% (24 votes)
2% (7 votes)
Other . . .
7% (22 votes)
Total votes: 326

Mellow jazz and small-combo instrumental music is frequently the material of choice in audio stores and at hi-fi shows. But audiophiles enjoy a wide variety of music. Reader Richard Horan wonders: what's your favorite?

Tim Hart's picture

I would love for the rock genre to cater to audiophiles (and there are some decent recordings to be had)in their recording of that type of music. I like blues and jazz, but I listen mostly to rock. Some high end recordings I use as tools to audition new equipment or to dial in my setup, but very few do I listen to for the pleasure of listening to music. I don't want to get too caught up in being too critical a listener and forget why I'm listening.

Bob Bashaw's picture

I listen to classical 99% of the time, but I'm starting to listen to some jazz.

Stephen Westbom's picture

Opera is a close second. I guess I am one of the 3% who still likes finely crafted music vs. slapped-together pablum played by musicians who cannot play their instruments or compose.

Mike McCormick's picture

Choose one? How?!?!

willis greenstreet's picture

hard choice! i like classical and country also. glad I don't have tor restrict myself to one in real life.

Michael E.Colwell's picture

Smooth Zazz, as defined by my local radio station DOES NOT include Mariah Carey, Phil Collins, Eric Clapton,Terence Trent D'Arby (egad!!), Michael Bolton (DOUBLE EGAD!!!)!

Roger Bruneau's picture

classical gets more play but jazz get's a faire share.

Daniel Conners's picture

I just seem to love the Grateful Dead more and more as time goes by. Just check out the all-acoustic "Reckoning."

tyc's picture

female singer-songwriters. It all started when I first heard Suzanne Vega. Generally, the CDs from this genre sound great.

Barry Willis's picture

All of the above, folks. And more! How about bluegrass, gospel, and cabaret? The enjoyment of music---all kinds---is why this business exists.

Steve Thomas's picture

It is very close in our household. I would say Jazz is 34%, Classical and Opera is 33% and the other 33% is pretty evenly divided between Rock, Pop, Blues and Folk.

Evan Kammler's picture

My vote is for industrial/techno music (Front 242 mostly). It may sound odd, but even with this highly digitally manipulated music I truly can hear the difference my high-end system makes.

edgar kramer's picture

well recorded challenging indie rock from bands like Days of th New, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Tool, Soundgarden, Tea Party, Jeff Buckley, etc.

Bob Mudge's picture

jazz is my favourite music, altthough I also like classic rock when it is well recorded, unfourtunately this isn't too often.,folk,and classical I appreciate also. A good system needs good software, I think cd's are getting better

Ralph A.  Perrini / Miami, FL's picture

I've been a rock'n'roller since I first heard the Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction" back in the mid-'60s. As much as I love the "classic rockers" like the Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin, I'm also a big fan of modern bands like Pearl Jam, The Presidents of the U.S.A., and Julianna Hatfield. Even new wave/punk produced many great bands, like the Clash, XTC, and the Cars. Rock'n'roll is now in its fifth decade and still going strong. Not bad for a music genre many claimed would not last! While my musical tastes have broadened to include jazz, blues, and folk, I always come back for some rock'n'roll to motivate my soul! And guess what---rock also sounds great on a high-end system, especially on vinyl!

Steve Hendershott's picture

I Just Can't limit myself to one favorite category. It is totally dependant on the day and my mood at the time.

Eric Fleming's picture

I enjoy all genres of Jazz from straight ahead to contemporary. Very soothing and relaxing.

steph's picture

It keeps rotating, I have played less pop because of recording quality, but I can localize no genre as being more prevelant than any other

John Rome's picture

I usually find myself listening to music that overlaps/transcends genres. Better-known artists exemplifying this are Carla Bley, Junior Brown, Igor Stravinsky, and Frank Zappa.

jazzfan123456's picture

Wow, finally someone with the same taste in music...with the exception of "Junior Brown", whom I do not know...Any Recommendations for CD`s ?!
Thank you

Gabriel de Kock's picture

Nothing beats opera at the Met or (often vintage Callas) at home in the wee hours. Note: Having to vote for only one category is way too restrictive. Give us 10 points to allocate next time, please.

Kit Hildreth's picture

Well, classic rock is, if you like my Bread and Butter, but I Have to intersperce it with Classical, Mainstream Jazz and the "New Wave"/"New Age" stuff that tickles my fancy. To put it another way: Wyndham Hill Records have made a lot of money out of me over the years!

Richard H.  Araujo's picture

One of the interesting things about a good hi-fi system is that it makes it easier to enjoy a wider variety of music. What sees play time on my system varies from flamenco to electronica, from classical to hard-core ska---none seemingly better than the other, all worth listening to. When someone tells me that only one certain type of music sounds good on their system, or that their system is tailored for a certain genre, I have to wonder about their sanity, and whether it is music that is their top priority, or good sound.

J.  Scott Vermillion's picture

Beethoven, for Christ's sake!

Youriy Drozd's picture

Symphony - the altimate tester for a hi end system. Now that I afforded one (Krell amp, Marantz transport, Transparent cables, and half of my system I made myself: speakers and DAC), this is my music of choice. Too bad that most of the symphony recordings are so lousy..., that they are not worth my system!

Mike Abrams's picture

There is no wrong answer here, it's a matter of what your favorite is.

Stan Waddingham's picture

I was tempted to select "Other" because I listen to GOOD music, but I lean to "Blues" when I really want to listen to the equipment.

John / Kalamazoo, MI's picture

I don't understand all the emphasis on Blues lately. I've tried, but it all sounds like the same three chords.

antonio esporma's picture

I listen mostly to large scale classical and some jazz/pop in my vinyl only audio system. However, since I've built the audio system to image like our mid hall orchestra (row L) seats in our subscription series, listening to large scale classical is most satisfying both from musical and audiophile viewpoints. Pop actually sounds better in my solid state, multi channel video system (CDs).

Urbain du Plessis's picture

Bach, Beethoven, Bartok, Gershwin.