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Which DAC? 16bit/44.1khz or 24bit/192khz

As i mentioned in another thread. i got my uncle a Mac and im slowly ripping his cd collection onto the laptop in FLAC format. and to maintain the best quality of sound, i told him he should get an external DAC. now my question is. ive heard to get the best quality sound, you have to decrease the amount of digital filtering and sampling. so my concern is, since i am ripping cds, which are in 16bit/ 44khz. wouldnt it be better if i get a DAC with the same specs. or should i go with a DAC with higher sampling? my choices are between the Fubar II DAC and M-Audio DAC. both USB compatible.

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Re: Which DAC? 16bit/44.1khz or 24bit/192khz


The dac's that will provide 24 bit 96 khz or more are using upsampling. Using interpolation they will, or try to, fill in the musical information that got lost during the sampling process. Depending on the quality of the dac this can provide you with a better result but there is no guarantee that these 24/96 or 24/192 will sound better. Even very cheap sources are having 24/192 dacs since these are cheaper in production nowadays. Trust your ears I would say,

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