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which is better... front ported or rear ported bookshelf speakers?

i was looking at a certain unnamed speaker and they have sealed version or a front ported version. i'm thinking of getting the sealed version because i always thought rear ported speakers were better than front ported ones. for bass reflex and all. i thought front ported speakers might have a woofing sound. so which is better, front or rear ported?

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Depends on the room, speaker positioning, your ears, and

the design of the loudspeaker.

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Which port?

Jackfish is essentially right.

I personally would consider the sealed system, because it has a gentler low frequency roll-off, all else being equal.

On the other hand, a port can reduce the woofer excursion and hence lower distortion, with potential port noises (depends on design). Ported designs need a high-pass filter to roll-off the extreme lows so the driver is not totally unloaded at the lowest frequencies.

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