Which audio product spent the most amount of time in your system?

Which audio product spent the most amount of time in your system?
That would be
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Don't know
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Total votes: 113

Sometimes we get lucky and find a product that turns out to stay with us forever. Which audio product has spent the most amount of time in your system?

Robert's picture

VTL deLUXE preamp. Had it for almost 20 years and counting...

steve lewis's picture

Bryston BP 25 preamp—everything else has been updated since I bought this, but there's been no reason to change. I've never had the feeling that anything happens that distorts the signal in the preamp. Electrons go in, a few more come out, but the bigger signal is a copy of the little one, and it sounds good.

Kjetil Haaland's picture

A Rega Planar 3. Bought it in '87, sold it last autumn. 19 years. Replaced with a SOTA Sapphire from '86...

JCS's picture

VPI 19 MkIV turntable

Edw.A.Roth's picture

The Magnepan SMGc speakers.I don't even remember how long ago they were purchased...sometime in the mid nineties,I think.These little guys still amaze me and others every time the music goes round.I really think you'd have to spend a good deal more to seriously better the sound,at least in my listening room.

Menno's picture

Linn LP12 (actually the outer case, I think every inside part has been upgraded since 1988).

Jos Vanderweghe's picture

My Thorens TD-124 turntable. 40+ years 'old' now and still going strong...

EP's picture

I had my Klipsch Forte II speakers for 14 years before I replaced them two years ago with Triangle Celius ES. Sold the Fortes about three months ago. Hard to let them go, but at least they will make someone else happy!

Tom Warren's picture

That would be the dust cover to my VPI HW-19 Mk III turntable, bought as a demo so long ago. Of course I enjoy the whole table, but every other part of it has been modified or upgraded.

davenelson@cogeco.ca's picture

Yes, just like the picture! My Oracle Delphi mk3.

Brian Carlson's picture

My 1983 Nak BX2 bought it new in '83 and it has been in the circuit ever since. No hassles.

Mike Molinaro's picture

A Nakamichi cassette deck.

Sean's picture

My Systemdek IV Electronic turntable with Manticore arm has been in my system since I bought it in '89. It originally was fitted with Ortofon x5 mc cartridge and then several Sumiko BPSes and finally an Ortofon Kontrapunkt a. I'm now looking to replace it, but as of now it still sings everyday!

bob in charlotte's picture

Not long after I bought four "The New" Advent Loudspeakers in 1977, I got married and had kids. I didn't buy any more main speakers or much else serious big boy toys until my kids got most of the way through college. I detoured briefly through a pair of Bose 901s (I didn't know any better!!), but held onto the Advents. Sold the 901s on eBay only a year after I got them, and I finally gave the Advents to my oldest daughter in April this year, so they're still in the family 30 years on. Oh, and I love the Vandersteens I bought to replace the Advents.

Drew's picture

That would be the Onkyo turntable that I bought in college almost 30 years ago. It still sees regular service despite its sonic limitations.

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Yamaha NS-1000M speakers. B&W 802 Nautilus came close. Wilson Watt/Puppy fell on its face. running all Audio Research Corporation head-end equipment with satisfaction, but the speakers I feel will never go. I'll still listen to new speakers, but in the 22 years or so I've run them, their berylium mids and tweets are still magic!

Graeme Nattress's picture

GyroDec and FR-64fx, never felt the need to change them, although the Gyro has been heavily upgraded.

Steven Becker's picture

NAD 3020. A loyal friend for 22 years!

Attilahun's picture

Tice Power Conditioner.

Harry Lavo's picture

My ARC SP-6B preamp. Bought as a demo in 1980, still going strong for the front two channels of my 5.0 system. Runner up was a Linn Valhalla/Syrinx PU-2 combo bought at the same time...which was retired just two years ago.

Chun's picture

Amp, cd player and speaker

J C Hogg's picture

NAD 6100 cassette deck, purchased at Catania Sound in Santa Rosa, California, circa 1991 for about $500, and still in my system today for the very rare cassette moment.

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Conrad-Johnson Premier 11A amp

JOSE M.  GOMEZ's picture

My Audio Research LS-3 line stage preamp. It's been in my system since 1996.

Dennis's picture

A Kenwood integrated amp that I purchased in 1974 when I was 14. Part of my very first system. I now use it as an extra amp to power my outdoor speakers.

Thornton's picture

Velodyne ULD-15. I bought it in 1989. Once I replaced the existing crossover resistors and amp caps with better quality ones, the noise went away and the sub now mates very well with my M-L Ascent i's. It surprises even my most critical audiophile friends.

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A Primare D30.2 cd player. A real world beater, it sounds fantastic. I recently bought a very expenseive Marantz "Reference" SACD player (SA-7S1), which has given me some problems from the outset. The Primare I've had for years - works like a dream, and kills my much more expensive Marantz. Oh well, I guess I learned that expensive really isn't always better.

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