Which audio product spent the most amount of time in your system?

Which audio product spent the most amount of time in your system?
That would be
96% (109 votes)
Don't know
4% (4 votes)
Total votes: 113

Sometimes we get lucky and find a product that turns out to stay with us forever. Which audio product has spent the most amount of time in your system?

Aj's picture

Stax Lambda Pro earspeakers / SRM-T1 headphone amp (since 1988, only tubes replaced).

Dimitris Gogas's picture

My good old Dual record player. On its 20th year now. Sounds (rather) good, has never had reliability problems. Yes, yes I do have another (better) record player. Yes, I do spend more time playing digital formats. However, I just can't let it go. Besides, who would take it, let alone buy it?

JoeL's picture

A pair of Allison Four speakers. They are just about 30 years old. They continue to sound great.

Alan - New Orleans's picture

I don't switch "products" in and out like some willy-nilly rich person who can't decide what they like or don't like....

David L.  Wyatt jr.'s picture

My Thorens TD-160C turntable, which is still here 30 years later. I think about replacing it regularly, but have no idea when.

Glenn Bennett's picture

I still have my Marantz 6300 turntable purchased in 1974. It is in mint condition and still works well and sounds good. It doesn't get a lot of use since I prefer to listen to CD's. But I just can't bring myself to sell it. I still remember the fun of bringing home all those new LPs to play on it. I also remember in the last days of LPs how bad the quality of the records were and how warped they were.

Robert Slavin's picture

Nikko RR-519 receiver. Bought in 1980 as a receiver. Now simply being used as a tuner.

Postal Grunt's picture

A Denon DP-1200 direct drive, semi-automatic turntable that I bought in 1980 with an employee discount. It still sounds surprisingly good when I get the vinyl urge.

Bill Bostancic's picture

Magnapan Speakers (1.4) Loved the sound and best $1k speaker I have ever heard. Kept them for about 14 years. Finally had to sell them when I got married and bought a house. Living room is too small, so I bought a pair of the small Harbeths. Great speakers too!

tad's picture

A Rotel RT-850 turntable. I had it for 20 years. It sounded even better when upgraded with van den Hull cable, and continues to perform well in my father's system.

Timbo in Oz's picture

Thorens TD150 36 years! New main bearing ball, extended spindle.

maurizio.michelino@gmail.com's picture

turntable, tonearms, cartridge.

Tim's picture

Linn Sondek LP12 & Quad ESL 63.

Charlie be Wise's picture

Acoustic Research XA turntable.

Brian Jared's picture

McIntosh amplifiers—they have just continued to perform flawlessly over almost 20 years.

Chris S.'s picture

The oldest things in my system are the subwoofers. I can't remember when I got them, but even the extended warranty is gone by now. My speakers would be next. I should still have six months left on their eleven year warranty. Hmm. It might be time to get some new ones.

Jim M's picture

I usually have a couple of systems up and running and for 30 years my Dahlquist DQ-10s were in one. I just recently sold them and the new buyer says he will probably own them for another 30.

Jason's picture

Rega Planar 3: 15 years. Sold it and got an LP12 (which will probably stay as long), and the Rega is still going strong in my brother's system.

Don Bilger's picture

I used an AR XA turntable for 30 years, trying many different mods and tweaks to get the best possible performance out of it. I retired it two years ago because it hummed excessively with my modified Grado cartridge.

Paul J.  Stiles, Mtn.  View, CA's picture

My tonearm, closely followed by my speakers.

electricbear's picture

An Audio Research SP-6B that I recapped and silver wired.

RTS's picture

CAT MK II preamp. Now over 12 years in my system. The system has grown expedentially around the CAT, but I have never been compelled enough to replace it. Naturally, at times, I wonder what might be better? But never to the degree to look. Happy with this one.

G K's picture

Linn LP12. 21 years and counting!

Dave Williams's picture

Polk RTA 11T speakers. Got them as soon as they hit the market. Still using them as my main fronts in 5.1 set up.

Macksman's picture

I still use a Denon FM tuner I purchased new in the late '70s, usually for NPR but sometimes I'm surprised by how good it sounds playing music. I've added a Fanfare FM2 antenna.

Nodaker's picture

I'm still using the B&O 8002 turntable I bought in 1984. I have the upgrade bug but something else always pops up to steal my money....someday!

Dave Anderson's picture

My KEF 303.3s, since 1984.

Michael Chernay's picture

Paradigm Studio 80s. 10+ years of service, with no end in sight.

Tim Bishop's picture

Goldsound .8 speakers. Still use them in the bedroom system. I have had them for about 15 years.

RxDentist@aol.com's picture

B&W800 Matrix speakers .. They were later actively biamped under the direction of Dan D'Agostino of Krell.