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Where's The Beef...Specifically Rock/Pop Reviews???

I grew up reading, and religiously re-reading, my Stereo Review, Audio, and High Fidelity magazines. The music reviews were quite important in my buying decisions. And what good is the best equipment without something to actually play on it? I should rest my case right here it would seem. But, I'm kind of mad. Stereophile has, apparently, decided rock and pop music isn't worthy of either the time or cost. The October issue had for any practical purpose two reviews of the rock/pop persuasion.

Now like those Ruskie eggs there is an inner core and it goes something like this you have to delve deeper and keep peeling the onion to find the really good music today. It likely isn't the latest YouTube sensation (though it is often on YouTube). This could be a raison 'de 'e'tre for, say a dozen per issue Rock/Pop reviews.

I want some reviewers with some kind of identity like Joel Vance (didn't agree even 50% of the time but he called The Moody Blues Montovani with teeth-say no more), Steve Simels, Lester Bangs, Jon & Sally Tiven, and even your cousin who lives and breathes live and recorded rock music (I'll know if he's cool or a poser soon enough). In other words we need more reviews of recorded music of the variety we still refer to as ROCK. If you must use another filter then provide an added public service of letting us know if the recording is as good as the music or...a let down. But give us the music please.

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