Where would you go for the ultimate audiophile vacation and why?

Where would you go for the ultimate audiophile vacation and why?
I'd go to
68% (82 votes)
I'd never leave the house
32% (39 votes)
Total votes: 121

It could be a foreign country or a big city. Where would you go for the ultimate audiophile vacation and why?

Daft Punk - Raleigh, NC's picture

Colorado at the right time of year. RMAF, factory tours of Ayre, Boulder, & Jeff Roland would be on my shortlist. Plus, all the other names in audio I've yet to mention.

SK's picture

Singapore, Adelphi Plaza.

Jim Tavegia's picture

I would go on a tour of McIntosh and then head off to Cooperstown (2nd trip) and take on my second passion: baseball. On the way home, I would stop in Louisville and tour the Lousiville slugger factory—again. Very cool.

audio-sleuth@comcast.net's picture

Chicago has blues bars, jazz clubs, and one of the world's best classical venues. Live music and great food. That's what this audiophile wants.

Nodaker's picture

My house or my back yard. The stereo at home is as good as my ears are.

Keith's picture

One of the major trade shows that has good high-end two-channel listening rooms. T.H.E. show at CEDIA a few years ago was amazing for me. Alas, my current job is in a different field, so it's tough to get into those shows these days.

Anonymous's picture

New York, to listen to live music.

Ken's picture

Italy. Music everywhere.

craig's picture

While I get a lot of enjoyment from my audio system, I am not that wrapped up in that passtime to the point of building a vacation around it (reproduced music). That is the reason I have never traveled to NY or SF to attend one of the Stereophile listening events. Maybe I misinterpreted your concept of “the ultimate audiophile vacation.” If you meant instead a vacation to say the great music centers of Europe, now that would be something I might think about. It should be interesting to see what kind of responses you get to your “open ended” question here.

Chris's picture

New York City. Love the record stores in NYC.

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I have to admit I've been led by your graphic for the 65th anniversary of Blue Note. My choice would be the Blue Note in Osaka. I listened to Chick Corea there in 1994. I lived in Japan for six years, but haven't been back since '96. Ideally, I'd see Ego Wrappin', a really cool pop/jazz group from Osaka. If you've never heard their song "Shikisai no Blues," you might give it a try. In any case, the combination of intense memories from the past, great music, good food, wonderful wines, and a very cool place to enjoy them all makes the Blue Note my choice.

Ulah's picture

Chicago for the blues or New York for the jazz.

Paul J.  Stiles, Mtn.  View, CA's picture

I'd go to Tahiti and visit all the high-end audio "salons." If there aren't any there, I guess I'd just have to console myself by enjoying the scenery, food, people, and activites for months. Oh well, perhaps in my dreams, or if I win the big Lotto.

toomasp's picture

That's easy, Michael Fremer's place!

Johannes Turunen, Sweden's picture

Poland. Still cheap and a lot of unknown brands. Or to Salzburg for some live classic orchestras in lovely environments.

Bob Harvie's picture

Lemon Tree, Aberdeen, Scotland It's live, it's small, and the type of cables doesn't matter at all!

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Binghamton, New York so I could tour McIntosh.

Jared Gerlach's picture

Tough one. Can I request a trip to JA's or AD's house? I like both of these guys' writing and general commentary on both audio and music. If that's out of the question, then maybe just a week split between high-end audio shows, provided, of course, that I could have VIP status and hobnob with the gurus.

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Leonid's picture

Vienna. There's the Musikverein, and there're lots and lots of great CD and vinyl shops.

Sarah Clement's picture

Albert Porter's house, followed by a trip to Seattle to Mike LaVigne's house. Then I'd go home.

hiro's picture

Japan. I just love big vintage JBLs.

ty sproul's picture

I'd go to the Munich high-end show and while in Europe would visit some of my favorite manufacturers, particularly Sonus Faber and Pathos. Like Ken Kessler, I love my Italian hi-fi!

hank's picture

My ultimate audio vacation starts the second my wife leaves for vacation with her family

Percy Erasmus's picture

Hong Kong

larry saunders's picture

New York City for the music and record stores.

Fred Nebbish's picture

!) Symphony Hall, Boston, 2) Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, 3) Carnegie Hall, NYC, 4) Royal Festival Hall, London.

Joe Evans's picture

I really hate to travel. Flying, please, I have no desire to climb into a bus with wings. Add il- mannered adults with brats in tow and things get worse. Imprisoned at 35,000 feet with the only (temporary) escape an ill-smelling lavatory is not for me. If I stay home, I can listen to my stereo playing what I want to hear. The only reason I need to go out is to get beer wine and liquor. I can get everything else delivered right to my door. If I could get alcoholic beverages delivered also, I'd be in heaven.

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