Where do you find the best bargains on quality used LPs?

Where do you find the best bargains on quality used LPs?
Music retailers
12% (14 votes)
Specialty audio stores
4% (4 votes)
Used record shops
45% (51 votes)
Flea markets or swap meets
6% (7 votes)
Garage sales
10% (11 votes)
Estate sales
3% (3 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Thrift stores
4% (4 votes)
Radio station changeovers
1% (1 vote)
Library sales
1% (1 vote)
Publications like <I>Goldmine</I>
2% (2 votes)
Other (explain)
14% (16 votes)
Total votes: 114

Many audiophiles are also record collectors. There are many ways to add to your collection. Which one works for you?

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In counsel Bluffs, Iowa, which is connected to Omaha, NE- there is a store called Kainsville Collectibles. This store is insane. I have never seen so many records in one place in all my life. There is atleast 3 or 400,000 records. The upstairs that has three rooms at over half of the stores inventory is jam packed and all the records cost a dollar. You have to be ready for the must and dust but it is worth it. A lot of digging is required but it usually pays off. You also better have hours on your hands to make it worth your while. The first time I visited the store, I came home thanking God that I had a record cleaning machine. The last time I was there, I picked up an Elvis Costello record for a dollar that is worth fifteen. There are a lot of hidden trasures here.

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Princeton Record Exchange