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When they break up, who gets the soul?
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I'm not sure this quite qualifies, since he was the dominant figure in the band, but Joe Strummer brought the Clash's soul with him when he moved on.

A better thought: when the Beatles broke up, no one got the essence.


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whiskeytown--- Ryan took the essence with him and wouldnt let it go

uncle tupelo-- though i like jeff tweedy's music much better, Jay Farrar kept the UT spirit with him, for sure...raucous , hard driving blue collar folk..

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Even though they have very lamely tried to continue on in various incarnations, Jerry Garcia clearly possessed the soul of the Grateful Dead.

Also along the same lines is NRBQ: sure Terry Adams, Joey Spampinato and Tom Ardolino soldiered on for quite some time after Big Al Anderson left the group but their sound was never quite the same. Lack of soul? Maybe.

There is another thing which needs to be considered in this day and age of reunion and farewell tours of all the aging baby boomer bands from the 1960's and 1970's: when some of these groups reunite for that shot at one last pot of gold (think "Beach Boys") who or what does one blame for their complete and utter lameness?

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The Yardbirds-Jimmy Page. Certainly not Keith Relf (Renaissance).

Monty Python-Eric Idle.

Blues Project-Al Kooper. My prediction of Steve Katz having a major post-Project career was incorrect.

Buffalo Springfield-Neil Young. Heck, he's still doing Springfield material 40 years later.

Electric Flag-Buddy Miles (not necessarily a good thing).

Cream-Jack Bruce but I wish it had been Clapton.

Wings-Paul McCartney

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Pink Floyd

Roger got the soul.


Bon Scott dies, taking it with him.

"(Peter Green's) Fleetwood Mac":

Peter Green IS soul, it was his and it stayed with him.

Monty Python-Eric Idle.

I sort of agree. Except for the point that the most insane piss-yourself skits were usually the handiwork of....Michael Palin.

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Beatles: George Harrison

Velvet Underground: Lou Reed

Stealers Wheel: Gerry Rafferty

Little Feat: Lowell George was the soul, but sadly it died with him. RIP

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