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JoeE SP9
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What's playing today?

Just got done playing
Buddy Rich Class of 78 Direct-To-Disc

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Re: What's playing today?

Wes Montgomery - Full House (XRCD)

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Re: What's playing today?

Ornette Coleman / Pat Metheny - Song X: Twentieth Anniversary

I finally got around to borrowing this CD from the library since I've owned the original CD since it was released in 1986. I really haven't had the chance to actually sit down and do an A-B comparsion of the sound of the two CDs, so no comment yet on that front. The music sounds as wild and fresh as it did twenty years ago and probably will 50 years from now. Too bad the group didn't do a twentieth anniversary tour.

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Re: What's playing today?

"Playing by Heart" - John Barry | Chet Baker | Chris Botti

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