What's the best system that you've ever given away or sold dirt-cheap to a friend?

What's the best system that you've ever <I>given</I> away or sold dirt-cheap to a friend?
I gave away
51% (42 votes)
I sold dirt cheap
39% (32 votes)
10% (8 votes)
Total votes: 82

Rich from Chicago wants to know about our readers' generosity: What's the best system that you've ever <I>given</I> away or sold dirt-cheap to a friend?

Dragan Veselinovic's picture

It was cheap set-up from the '80s, and I hear it's still working!

Chuckie Girmann, San Diego, CA's picture

I did not give a way a system, but a component. It was a pair of Acoustic Energy Aegis One speakers. Those things are fantastic.

Kenny66's picture

A pair of mint Apogee Centaur Major speakers in oak for $650. What a deal, hey.

xanthia01@gmail.com's picture

I hate to say it, but never. I must have been poor in another life, but I love collecting. I have a nice little audio equipment collection of older and upgraded stuff. I love it.

Bruce K's picture

Marantz 1152dc integrated amp, AR Mk II speakers with stands,and a Denon (?) CDP. That was the best darned second system I've ever had.

Heywood Jablome's picture

I gave a Muse Model 150 Amplifier, Muse Model 3 Preamplifier, Denon DP-62 Turntable with Denon DL-103D Cartridge, Rotel MM/MC phono preamp, and ADS L-1230 speakers to an audiophile buddy, who had to sell all of his gear after losing his job and needing to raise money. I don't mean to brag, but that system sounds incredible and he's tweaked it to wring the nth degree of performance out of it.

Tom's picture

B&W towers from the late '70s to my brother-in-law.

Cory Reynolds's picture

Aragon monos, Aragon pre, Sony 9100ES, PSB Gold I, and all cabling to my brother after my first child started to walk (and attempted to destroy everything in her path).

K.  L.  Williams's picture

An Aiwa mini-system with a CD player and dual cassette deck, back in the early '90s. Even now I'm more into music than audio, which could be why I have fond memories of the speakers on that Aiwa system, though admittedly they're nothing compared to the mid-fi gear I've owned in the meantime.

Bill M's picture

My Rogers LS3/5A to my brother in 1979 as a wedding present. Pity, he is still driving it with his old Kenwood receiver.

Rick Martin's picture

Bryston 4B; Sonic Frontier preamp and phono preamp, KEF 3.5 Reference; and a Rega 2.

D.A.B., Pacific Palisades, CA's picture

Fisher 500B receiver and Infinity Kappa 8 loudspeakers. "Hi Fi can't buy you love!"

stephen w sweigart's picture

Icon speakers!

Joseph's picture

My first system, which I saved up for when I was a teenager. Loved that system: Pioneer receiver, Kenwood turntable, Teac tape deck, and Ohm speakers. It played loud. It had bass. I think that's all I really wanted at the time, though I remember disliking many cartridges (ADC, Empire, Stanton and a few more) until I found a Shure V15 Type III which I thought was quite good. Gave it to a relative. I put the system together in 1977, and, amazingly, the receiver and tape deck continued in use until this year. My relative decided to chuck it all, and I must admit a certain sadness that it wasn't offered back to me. At least I still have the record Shure offered to buyers of the Type III.

Faizan Haq's picture

My grandfather's Conrad-Johnson ART preamplifier.

J.R.'s picture

DCM 10 loudspeakers with a Denon 5-disc carousel, and Technics AVR—I was young and it was my first system.

Bob S.  in Stokesdale, NC's picture

Not so much a give-away as it was a hand-me-down: When I bought my Vandersteen 2CEs, I gave my daughter my four The New Advent Loudspeakers that I had listened to for 30 years, plus a Sony 5.1 receiver I didn't need anymore.

Joe Evans's picture

I've never been in a position where I had a whole system to get rid of. I have given TTs, EQs, and amps to people I like at fire-sale prices. An example would be a TT with Shure cartridge for $10.

Will's picture

Sherwood S7200 Receiver Pioneer PL-12D Turntable, and Large Advent Loudspeakers