What's the best system that you've ever given away or sold dirt-cheap to a friend?

What's the best system that you've ever <I>given</I> away or sold dirt-cheap to a friend?
I gave away
51% (42 votes)
I sold dirt cheap
39% (32 votes)
10% (8 votes)
Total votes: 82

Rich from Chicago wants to know about our readers' generosity: What's the best system that you've ever <I>given</I> away or sold dirt-cheap to a friend?

Nathan's picture

JVC belt-drive turntable

rpeluso's picture

Luxman L100 integrated amp, DCM Time Window speakers.

Rich in Chicago's picture

I gave my wife's friend the following: Pioneer SX-737, Garrard table with a Shure cartridge, and Acoustic Research TSW-210 speakers. I also gave away a Marantz 1060, several Minimus 7s, Denon CD changer, and a Pioneer SA-9500 to friends or employees.

Robin Landseadel's picture

I left a pair of Dynaco A-25s and a Crown amp with folks I used to work with for their warehouse stereo.

Bubba in SF's picture

I traded a Technics direct-drive and a Kenwood integrated amp/ tuner combo. I got two drawings from a physician friend who ran a clinic in Juarez, Mexico. He was a music lover who never got paid by his patients, so it was worth it.

Doug Bowker's picture

Let's see, I gave away my Creek 4140 to my friend's son (who has loved it and taken good care of it) and that same friend gave me his Magnum Dynalab tuner when his digital switching amps sent out waves of tuner jamming noise. I've also given away a used CI DAC, various cables, a TV, and plenty of computer-related hardware. I figure, if it's not going net a big return to sell something, I'll get better bang for just donating it and reaping the future good karma.

Mike Molinaro's picture

Gave away a Marantz 2252B. I have never heard that sound replicated. Last saw it in my brother-in-law's garage next to the belt sander.

tonyE's picture

Just one thing: a Dual belt-drive turntable that had been tweaked beyond reality. It played great with the Grado Gold I had on it at the time. Sure, nothing like my Linn LP12, but yet, I wish I'd kept it.

DG's picture

Gave an upgraded Well-Tempered Record Player to a friend who's just getting into vinyl and put an NAD/PSB/Kimber system in the hanger at the drop zone 'cause I couldn't abide the boom box music that was there before. Gave my bro-in-law a Magnum Dynalab antenna Saturday. The turntable & antenna were just sitting in a closet.

tzed's picture

A complete original AR kit turntable with Grado cartridge.

JSBach's picture

All given as presents and at the time in the hope of converting the receivers to the joys of hi-fi: Pioneer A400 amp, Marantz CD transport (forget model number but it was one of the best at the time), Tannoy Dual Concentric "Gold" 15" in folded-horn corner enclosures. Some years later, a pair of Dynaudio Evidence Masters given on long-term loan to a local volunteer FM station., Sugden 40 amp, Sugden A45 tuner, and TDL Transmission line speakers. Lots & lots of overpriced, over-hyped cables & interconnects, Counterpoint SA5 preamp, Denon Direct drive TT, Mission 774 arm, and a Nakamchi B480(?) cassette deck.

Jared Gerlach's picture

I gave away a pair of QWTL speakers that I built, among other items. The recipient is a singer/musician friend.

Daniel's picture

I gave away my first (dirt cheap) system to the idiot next door. It took him less than a week to break it.

Phil Sommers's picture

Rega Planar 3, $300 Sony CD/SACD/DVD, Hegeman Hapi II pre, Phase Linear 200b amp, and Sound Dynamics RT-3 (two pairs, wired in series.

ray's picture

Fifteen years ago, I gave my brother a Fons CQ30 turntable with an SME arm. It is still in use!

Mike Agee's picture

I thought a "friend" was giving me a super deal on some high-end fixtures for my bathroom renovation and gave him an MMF-7 turntable in gratitude, then discovered it was his standard discount. At least he's enjoying it, even if all it does it look good in a system that requirs the bass and treble be on "11" to compensate for blown speakers. I had no idea! Yikes!

audio-sleuth@comcast.net's picture

Gave my little sister a Manley Stingray, Rega CD player & turntable, and a pair of System Audio speakers. A year later for her birthday I got her a VPI 16.5 cleaning machine.

Johannes Turunen, Sweden's picture

I gave away a Panasonic microcompact to a friend's daughter. Used high-end gear, I usually sell at half the price.

Jimmy's picture

An old Sansui belt-drive turntable (30 years ago). I wish I still had it!

Allan Stock's picture

I lent my cousin's son most of my first serious system: a Belles 80W amp and the matching preamp I had purchased in 1982, an Adcom tuner, and Thiel 901 speakers. I'm still using the Linn. Thiel had just been kind enough (read: they didn't charge for the service, what a company!) to re-foam the bass/mid drivers. My cousin's son subsequently distributed the equipment to his friends, all now dispersed. "Oh, you didn't say you wanted it back"! No good deed goes unpunished.

Nodaker's picture

Just speakers, but they were both good for their times. I sold a very nice pair of Large Advents to a friend for a couple hundred and a pair of Klipsh Heresys to another for the same price. Neither are the greatest speakers in the world but neither were bad either. Wish I still had them both—well, actually I do have an older pair of the large Advents playing in the garage; $25 off Craig's list and they sound very nice out there.

craig's picture

When I get finished with equipment, it's either because it does not work or is so old now one else would want it.

RHJoseph's picture

A Conrad-Johnson Premier 3 preamp, Mark Levinson #9 amp, and ESB 7/06 speakers

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I have a friend who just got divorced and I gave her a California Audio Labs Icon II CD player. An Adcom tuner/preamp (don't remember the model) Adcom 535 power amp, and NHT Super Ones. with Linn K20 speaker cables and some WireWorld IC's. Seeing the delight on her face when she talks about using it every day was well worth it. It was just taking up space at my place anyway.

Mikael Johnsson's picture

B&O Beomaster 3000 + B&O 3000 casette player. Bought them for a $1000 in '84 sold it for a $100.

Tom's picture

Eminent Technology LFT-8 w/ SoundAnchors Stands

Jason, New York's picture

The best system I gave away was a pair of Zu Druids mk 4/08 with Ibis speaker cables, BAT VK 55 amp, amd the latest version Modwright SWL 9se pre. Now my 19-year-old sister is rocking out.

hal's picture

I recently gave a receiver and some small PSBs to an audio-challenged—and broke—friend. I gave some old Advents to my girlfriend, who had speakers off of some boom box. Really, I can't afford to give much away, but I do what I can.

denisov_g@rogers.com's picture

I gave my friend my Tannoy Profile 638s ($1200).

Jim's picture

Audio Research SP9mkII andan Adcom GFA-555 (I think that was the model number) amp for $200 to an old friend.