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What's the best entry level for me

It's 7 years I'm selecting what for me is the best possible hi-end sound at the lower cost possible.

Now I say You to taste this:

A Teac Wap 5000 with your music connected to the usb imput:what you want memories or disk with MP3 or Wav files.Costing 300 euro.

A pre harmony design P9 costing 600 euro

A Tprogress f2l final amplifier costing 150 euro

A pair of Audes 145 costing 1200 euros.

Have a good sound.

The true hi-end at low cost level.

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Re: What's the best entry level for me

My current setup is not all that expensive, and it's also really sweet:

Yaqin MC-100B tube amp ($780 shipped to my door.)
Electro Harmonix 12AX7 preamp tubes ($10ea)
Sylvania 6sn7 chrome domes, circa 1948 ($75 matched quad)
Stock Chinese KT88's
Bias set to .55v

Sony SCD-CE595 5-disc SACD changer ($60, craigslist)
Cerwin Vega VS-150 floor-standing speakers ($200, craigslist)

Toshiba HD-A3 DVD player

Coming soon:
Yaqin MS-12B phono preamp ($300 delivered)
Pro-Ject Debut III turntable ($330 delivered)
Acrylic platter upgrade for Debut III ($100 delivered)


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